Change of Time and Meet Time for Saturday 29th. September Re : Stafford Fathoms v Shrewsbury Fathoms

Shrewsbury Fathom Team were unable to make the 10am push back at Beaconside on Saturday 29th. September 2012, so I have exchanged / swopped times with Stafford Ladies Hockey and the Stafford Fathom game against Shrewsbury Fathoms will now be pushing back at 11.30am and Shrewsbury Hockey Club / Fathoms have agreed to this new push back time.

So please can you e mail me at your earliest convenience with your availability to play in this Fathoms game against Shrewbury Fathoms. The meet time for this game at Beaconside will be at 11am. Please include in your availability e mail, your mobile number, your e mail address and what position you like / play, when playing hockey.

Also require 2 umpires for this game ( i.e. Stafford Fathoms v Shrewsbury Fathoms ) and 2 for the Stafford Fathoms v Ludlow Fathoms on the previous Saturday of Saturday 22nd. September 2012, which will be pushing back at 10am at Beaconside. So if you can or wish to volunteer your services as an umpire for these 2 Fathom games on Saturday 22nd. & 29th. September 2012, please e mail or text me with your availability ( please include your mobile number and e mail address with your confirmation that you are able / willing to umpire these 2 Fathom Games ).

I look forward to receiving your e mails confirming your availability for the first 2 fathom games of the season at Beaconside on Saturday 22nd. September 2012 ( at home to Ludlow Fathoms ) and 29th. September 2012 ( at home to Shrewsbury Fathoms ).

John Sinclair
Mobile No : 07966398190
E Mail Address :
( likes to play up front these days – if poss Re : Hockey Games )

Availabilty / Team Selection for Fathom Games on Saturday 22nd. & 29th. September 2012

Hi Everyone,

I hope like me you are looking forward to the new season and to playing again and the purpose of this message is that I am trying to organise / plan for the first 2 Stafford Fathom Games of the season, which are both at home and I have listed the details of them below for your information :

22nd Sept 2012 – home vs Ludlow Fathoms – 10am start – 9:30am meet at Beaconside

29th Sept 2012 – home vs Shrewsbury Fathoms – 10am start – 9.30am meet at Beaconside.

If you are available and wish to play in the above Fathom Games, can you please let me know a.s.a.p. by email to, so that I can ensure for both these games that everyone is that is available is included / chosen Re : team selection / planning process of them and once selected you will be informed accordingly and it will be well before each game is due to be played. If you are selected to play and then find you cannot play, for whatever reason, then please do not hesitate to contact me a.s.a.p. either by calling me or texting me on my mobile number below. If you could include your mobile number when e mailing me your availability for the above 2 fathom games, it would greatly assist me in contacting you regarding whether or not you have been selected to play in these 2 games Re : me texting you confirmation of selection of the teams for these 2 Fathom Games.

Thank-you for your cooperation in the above Re : your availability for these 2 games and I very much looking forward to being part of them and all future games and the camaradie of being a part of this season’s Fathom Team and it’s progress.

John Sinclair
Mobile No : 07966398190

1st Team Selection & Meet Time – 01.09.12

Away at Mansfield – Meet at the clubhouse at 10.00am for a 12.30pm push back (fines for lateness).

If you plan to go direct to the pitch please let me know.

Pitch Address : 

Kingsway Park

Hodgkinson Road



NG17 7DJ

Team to play :

Jay Mullor

Andy Keen

Simon Parnell

Steve Marsh

Mark Harkwright

Dan Rennie

Ben Hollands

Giles Rowden

Etie Stephens

Andy Peatfield

Richard Bendall


Training Update

From this week we will have Andy Jones and Rob Peatfield taking the training sessions.  There is one week left at the 7.30pm start time before moving back to the usual slot of 8.oopm.

Our friendly matches start this weekend so it would be great to see everyone at training this week.

Second Team Pre-season Friendlies – availability please

Hi Guys,

Just to let you all know that the scheduled second XI friendlies are as follows:

1 Sept – home vs Mansfield – 1pm start – 12:30 meet at Beaconside
8 Sept – home vs Tamworth – 2:30 pm start – 2pm meet at Beaconside. (Please note change of time)
15 Sept – Away vs Aldridge & Walsall – 12 noon start – meet at the club at 10:30
22 Sept – Away vs Wednesbury – 3:30 pm start – meet at the club at 2pm

If you wish to be considered for selection for these second team games can you please let me know your availability by email to as soon as possible – ideally by training (7:30 to 9:30 Tuesday at Beaconside for this week).



Heart Defibrillator

All Hockey Club Players / Members

The club (via the rugby lads) is getting a “heart defibrillator” and therefore, we need some people to be trained to use it, the training is free.

 The aim is to provide cover at the club and therefore, if you are interested in being trained and have your name on the notice board, please email me with a contact number, so I can advise the relevant people accordingly.

 Names and contact number are required, ASAP, so we can get the training organised.


 Rob Peatfield

FIH Rule Changes from 1st September – Important Please Read

Hi all, just been notified of two rule changes from the 1st September.

Rule 8.1: method of scoring. The way a goal is scored is amended; it now includes what is sometimes referred to as an “own goal”. That is, a goal can now be scored after the ball is touched in the circle by either an attacker or a defender.

Rules 13.2.d and e: procedures for taking a free hit, centre pass and putting the ball back into play. The ball may now be raised intentionally and directly using a push, flick or scoop action; this action must be conducted safely.


David T

Training Reminder & Pre Season Friendlies

Just a reminder that training begins again on Tuesday 21st, for the first two weeks it will run from 7.30pm to 9.00pm and then after that it will revert back to its usual 8.00pm to 10.00pm slot.

Also the friendlies start on the 1st September so can you please let your captains know if you are available to play.

See you all next Tuesday!!

Introducing Stafford Cricket & Hockey “200 Club”

Have you joined the 200 club? It’s easy to join, and only costs £5 a quarter which is taken by direct debit.  As a thank you for the privilege of giving £5 of your hard earned money towards supporting the club, you will automatically get entered into a cash prize draw every quarter (there are 12 prizes issued each quarter, with £75 awarded to the first name out of the hat).  For more information and to sign up yourself, please visit (note: this is hosted on the cricket section pages, so you will be re-directed out of the hockey site).  All profits made go towards supporting the club.

Fine Tariff

Following on from the success of the first team fines last season we’ve decided that it wood be a good idea to have a fine tariff in place.  Therefore here they are (so far anyway) :

Lateness = £1

Missing training = £1

Yellow card = £1

Hungover = £1

Missing an open goal = 50p

Scoring an own goal = 50p

Standard fines = 20p

DOD = washing the shirts

Also an update on the new fines outfit……………………….it will cover you from head to toe!!!!!