Change of Time and Meet Time for Saturday 29th. September Re : Stafford Fathoms v Shrewsbury Fathoms

Shrewsbury Fathom Team were unable to make the 10am push back at Beaconside on Saturday 29th. September 2012, so I have exchanged / swopped times with Stafford Ladies Hockey and the Stafford Fathom game against Shrewsbury Fathoms will now be pushing back at 11.30am and Shrewsbury Hockey Club / Fathoms have agreed to this new push back time.

So please can you e mail me at your earliest convenience with your availability to play in this Fathoms game against Shrewbury Fathoms. The meet time for this game at Beaconside will be at 11am. Please include in your availability e mail, your mobile number, your e mail address and what position you like / play, when playing hockey.

Also require 2 umpires for this game ( i.e. Stafford Fathoms v Shrewsbury Fathoms ) and 2 for the Stafford Fathoms v Ludlow Fathoms on the previous Saturday of Saturday 22nd. September 2012, which will be pushing back at 10am at Beaconside. So if you can or wish to volunteer your services as an umpire for these 2 Fathom games on Saturday 22nd. & 29th. September 2012, please e mail or text me with your availability ( please include your mobile number and e mail address with your confirmation that you are able / willing to umpire these 2 Fathom Games ).

I look forward to receiving your e mails confirming your availability for the first 2 fathom games of the season at Beaconside on Saturday 22nd. September 2012 ( at home to Ludlow Fathoms ) and 29th. September 2012 ( at home to Shrewsbury Fathoms ).

John Sinclair
Mobile No : 07966398190
E Mail Address :
( likes to play up front these days – if poss Re : Hockey Games )