Details for Fathom / 5th. Team Games on Saturday 29th. September 2012 Home to Shrewsbury Fathoms & Saturday 6th. October 2012 Away to Tamworth Fathoms

First of all, as Captain of the Stafford Fathom Team for this season ( 2012 / 2013 ), I would like to thank those of you who turned up yesterday morning at 10am at Beaconside and participated in a practice game for Stafford Fathoms, especially as the original opposition of Ludlow Fathoms for this particular game, cried off the nite before, due to lack of players.
Anyhow, I have listed below for your information details of the next 2 Stafford Hockey Club Fathom games on Saturday 29th. September 2012 and Saturday 6th. October 2012 and it would be very much apprciated if you could e mail me back with your availability for these 2 games ( i.e. Definite Yes / Definite No / Interested but Not Sure, as might be playing for another team in the club around the time of this fathom fixture or can’t commit 100% at this stage, but will let me know a.s.a.p. ) Also I am looking especially for Fathom / 5th. Team away fixtures, for someone to play in goals, so if you are interested or like to play between the posts and ‘don’ the goalkeeping kit, then please let me know this when replying Re : your availability :

Saturday 29th. September 2012 – At home to Shrewsbury Fathoms : 11.30am push back at Beaconside Sports Complex, Stafford

( Please can you ensure that you turn up for this game at Beaconside for 11am – Thanks ( Re : organising team / collecting match fees ( £8 Seniors / Working & £4 Juniors/ Students / Unemployed ) before push back ) ).

Saturday 6th. October 2012 – Away to Tamworth Fathoms : 3.30pm push back at Queen Elizabeth Mercian School, Upper Gungate, Tamworth B79 8AA
Please meet at clubhouse ( Not Beaconside ) for 2pm ( Re : travelling to Tamworth in cars )

Please can you let me know if you can drive and be willing to take players and their kit ( one car will have to be able to accomodate the goalkeepers kit ( very large & very bulky ) ) to this game in your car ).

( There is a set rate for re-imbursement of petrol / use of your car for transporting of players to away games – unfortunately I don’t currently know what the rate / charge is, will check this out with our Hockey Club Treasurer : Dave Thurgaland at our next hockey meeting, which is on Wednesday 26th. September 2012 and I will let you know my findings on this matter, before travelling to this game on Saturday 6th. October 2012 )

Any problems or issues regarding the above Fathom Fixtures, please do not hesitiate to contact me Re : text to me a.s.a.p. ( please include your name in your text ) as well as e mailing me ( will get text alot quicker than any e mail you may send me ).

Thank you for your cooperation in the above request and hope like me, are very much looking forward to the start of the Fathom Season ( 2012 / 2013 ) and playing in these 2 games above.

If you know anyone else who I have might of missed regarding addressing this e mail to, who you thing might be intersted / available for the above 2 Fathom / 5th. Team games, then please feel free to forward it onto them ( i.e. Sam to Mat Till ).

Also for those new to Stafford Hockey Club, shirts for both the home ( i.e. Green Tops ) and away ( i.e. White Tops ) Fathom Games will be provided / catered for by the club ( I currently as Captain of the Fathoms, have ownership of both the Green & White Stafford Fathom Hockey Club Tops ).

However, for you newcomers to the club, the club colours when any Stafford Hockey Team is playing at home is : A Green Top, Navy Shorts & Yellow Socks and when they are playing away is : A White Top, Navy Shorts & White Socks. It would therefore be very much appreciated if all players could try and ensure that they are wearing either Navy ( or failing that dark shorts ) for home or away games and yellow socks for home games and white socks for away games.

However, there is someone in Stafford Hockey Club, who does on behalf of the club, arrange the sale of tops ( home & away i.e. green & white tops with Stafford Hockey Club logo on ) and socks ( home & away i.e. yellow & white socks ), so if you are interested and wish to purchase any of these items ( Re : christmas or birthday present ), I can definitely put you in touch with this person, otherwise you are perfectly free to purchase these sport wear items elsewhere.

John Sinclair
Stafford Hockey Club Fathom / 5th. Team Captain for 2012 / 2013
Mobile No : 07966398190
E Mail Address :