Stafford 2nd team to play Streetly – 1pm at Beaconside

Team to play Streetly:

Jason Rose – yes
Rob Peatfield – yes
Andy Simms – yes
Elliot Glennon – yes
Guy Malpass – yes
Mark Hartwright – yes
Dan Rennie – yes
Rob Hodson – yes
John Sutton – Yes
James Faulconbridge – yes
Charlie Trotter – yes
Rich Bendall – yes

I am hoping to play too, depending on how my leg is. It wasn’t great at training but more rest may do the trick. Unfortunately I will only know Saturday morning if I can play…

Umpires – Brian Brinson and Berni Bendall

1st Team Selection & Meet Time – 03.11.12

Away at Wednesbury РMeet at the clubhouse at 12.00pm for a 2.00pm push back.

If you plan to go direct to the pitch please let me know.

Pitch Address :

Furzebank Way
West Midlands
WV12 4BD

Team to play :

Brad Evans

Andy Keen

Simon Parnell

Richard Bukka

Andy Barnett

Mike Wymer

Ben Hollands

Giles Rowden

James Gillingham

Andy Peatfield

Dan Howe

Adam Kyle

Steve Marsh