Stafford Fathom Match Report for Saturday 20th.October 2012 Re : Stafford Mens Fathom Team v Stafford Ladies Team‏

Stafford Mens Fathom Team 1 v Stafford Ladies 3 ( H/T : 1-2 )
( Scorer : Peter Chiu )

Stafford Fathom Team : Pog ( goalkeeper ) Brad Evans, Ashley Dunn ( Played 1st. Half / 2nd. Half went off to play for 4th. Team – away at Old Wulfs ), Matthew Till, Jack Fudger, Peter Chiu, Adam Robinson, Andrew Whitehouse, Ben Waller, Amjid Mahmood, Steve Morton ( Played 2nd. Half, as replacement for Ashley Dunn ) & Me ( John Sinclair ) ( Captain ) .

Umpires : Dave Thurgaland & John Sutton

With Wolverhampton Fathoms being unable to fullfill this planned fixture at Beaconside at 10am, due to players from their Fathoms being promoted to higher teams in their club ( Re : injuries & drop outs in the teams above them ), it was decided instead to have a game against Stafford Ladies Team ( which included the like of Jo Lovatt & Isha Newman, who a few weeks ago were playing for the Stafford Mens Fathom Team ).
Stafford Fathoms started brightly against a very young and competitive Stafford Ladies Team and eventualy through some good inter link play, Stafford Fathoms took the lead through a nifty Peter Chiu goal. Stafford Ladies didn’t take long to battle back from being one nil down and soon levelled the score at 1-1, as the first half wore on Stafford Fathoms found it increasingly difficult to combat Mike Wymer ( who was helping the ladies team out, due to Stafford Mens 1st. Team not having a game ) indivdualistic skills ( i.e. bloody hard to get the ball of him, once he got it ) and eventually his skill and determination lead to him setting up the ladies second goal and them taking the lead. Stafford Fathoms did have a number of chances after the ladies took the lead to equalise before the first half drew to a close Re : a number of Short Corners & open play chances by Pete Chiu and Ben Waller, but Mav ( who had volunteered to play in goals for Stafford Ladies ), ensured that at half time that Stafford Ladies kept hold of their 2-1 advantage over their ‘industrious’ Stafford Fathom opponents.
From the start of the second half, the Stafford Fathom Team pushed really hard to try and get on level terms with the very competitive ladies and despite numerous attacks being thawed either by Mav in goals or by Stafford Ladies / Mike ‘I get everywhere’ Wymer clearing off the line on numerous occasions, they were unable to find that elusive second goal in order to draw level with their counterparts and near to the end of the game Stafford Ladies managed to seal the game with a third and decisive goal Re : Stafford Fathom keeper being left exposed of cover at the back and unfortunately failing to clear properly one of Stafford Ladies attacks on goal and at the final whistle Stafford Ladies found themselves three one victors of this game. Besides the fathom team not being victorious in this game against Stafford Ladies, it did however ensure that they had another competitive game under their belt, which hopefully will stand them in good stead Re : preparation / work out for next week’s Fathom Game at home to North Staffs Fathoms ( Re : 10am push back at Beaconside ).