Stafford Fathom Match Report for Saturday 27th. October 2012 Re : Stafford Fathoms v North Staffs Fathoms

Stafford Fathom Match Report for Saturday 27th. October 2012 ( Re : 10am push back at Beaconside )

Stafford Fathoms 0 v North Staffs Fathoms 8 ( H/T : 0-2 )
( No Scorers this week )

Stafford Fathom Team : Neil Jinks, Matthew Till, Jack Fudger, Peter Chiu, Adam Robinson, Andrew Whitehouse, Chris Pendleton, Rav Singh, Lee Whitelock ( new player ) & Me ( John Sinclair ) ( Captain ) + 5 new junior players of Harry Coltman, Ben Gledhill, Jack Hodkinson, Tom Cope & Taran Bassie.

Umpires : Andrew Peatfield & Steve Morton/ Dan Howe

With Stafford Fathoms actucally finding themselves with a competive game, ( as the last 2 weeks the opposition of Wolverhampton & Whitchurch Fathoms had cried off / cancelled ) they started brightly against their North Staffs counter-parts and up until half time they competed well with a strong and competitive North Staffs side and at half time they found themselves trailing by 2 goals to nil to their North Staffs opponents and at this stage the new junior players of Harry Coltman, Ben Gledhill, Jack Hodkinson, Tom Cope & Taran Bassie who were rotating on and off with some of the established Fathom players of Jack Fudger, Rav Singh, Chris Pendleton, Peter Chiu & Andrew Whitehouse ( who were all playing later for the 4th. Team ), all showed they were coping well on their debuties with the pace and competiveness of the game and new player Lee Whitelock also seemed to be settling in well to his designated midfield role within the Fathom Team.

Unfortunately the second half, changes were made at the back with Adam Robinson and Matthew Till being moving up the field, as they felt they were struggling playing at the back and the new defenders who replaced Adam & Matthew found themselves constantly under pressure, partly due to not getting tight on their opponents when they were attacking and also some of the passing to other players in the team, was a little wayward at times and it meant that Neil Jinks the Fathom Keeper had alot more to deal with than the forwards in his side and at the end of the game this constant pressure of not being able to get the ball out of defence too often, was reflected in the final score line of 8-0. Hopefully next week’s home game a ‘friendly’ against Stafford 4th. Team at Beaconside ( Re : 10am push back ) will be a chance for the Fathom Team to re-group / repair itself from this heavy defeat and to try and sort how to re-format the team so that the defence, midfield and forwards all interlock and play for one another, just like they did 3 weeks ago when they beat Tamworth Fathoms 1-0 away.

For the friendly game next week ( Saturday 3rd. November 2012 ) against Stafford 4ths which is at Beaconside – 10am push-back ,all players who have played for the Fathoms since the start of the season ( which commenced on on Saturday 22nd. September 2012 ), are if available to play, will be selected to play for the Fathom Team, please just texted me on 07966398190 to confirm your availability to play in this game ( please include your name Re : available or not available to play on Saturday 3rd. November in Fathom Team ).If you are available to play in this game, then please ensure you are at Beaconside for 9.30am.