Stafford Fathoms to play Stafford 4ths in a friendly but competitive game Re : 10am push back at Beaconside on Saturday 3rd. November 2012‏

Stafford Fathom’s game at home to Finchfield Fathoms at Beaconside ( Re : 10am push back) on Saturday 3rd. November 2012 was unfortunately cancelled on 10th. October 2012 by Finchfield.

Anyhow, all is not lost, as I have just spotted wearing my fixture secretary hat that our 4th. Team on Saturday 3rd. November 2012 have a blank fixture away in their Central League North West 2 League, that they are competing in this season ( 2012 / 2013 ). So swapping my hats and wearing my Fathom / 5th. Captain hat, I have approached Neil Jinks, 4th. Team Captain and agreed with him that both are teams should play one another in a friendly competitive game on Saturday 3rd. November 2012 at Beaconside Re : a 10am push back. The 4th Team would be classed as the away team and play in White Shirts and the Fathom Team as the home team and therefore would play in the home Green Shirts and food / drinks for all players would be provided after this game down our club plus Showers and changing room down our club will be made available for everyone to use after this game, as changing / shower facilities currently at Beaconside are woeful / inadequate.

So please let either myself as Fathom / 5th. Captain or Neil Jinks as 4th. Captain know your availability for this game, as soon as you can / over the next few weeks.

Thank-you for your co-operation in this matter.

John Sinclair
Fathom / 5th. Captain for 2012 / 2013
Fixture Secretary / Match Coordinator for Stafford Hockey Club 2012 / 2013

Mobile Number : 07966398190
E Mail Address :

Possible Stafford Fathom Team for Saturday 20th. October 2012 10am push back at Beaconside ( Re : should have been playing Wolverhampton Fathoms )‏

Unfortunately, Neil Ward, ( Wolverhampton Hockey Mens Fathom Team Captain ) who I contacted on Sunday ( 14th. October ) to ask him if their Fathom Team would be fullfilling the Fathom game this Saturday against Stafford Fathoms at 10am at Beaconside and he said at that stage they would. Unfortunately, to-nite he has texted me to say players in his Wolverhampton Fathom Team have been pinched to make up other teams in their club for this Saturday and therefore will not be bringing his Fathom Team to play Stafford Fathoms this Saturday at 10am at Beaconside, due to lack of players.
However, Mary Moss of Stafford Ladies, who I texted about Wolverhampton Fathoms not being able to play our Fathom Team this Saturday, has texted me to said she has 8 ladies ( but no keeper ) who would be willing to play our Mens Fathoms Team this Saturday at 10am at Beaconside. So as Captain of the Fathoms, I have made an executive decision and to take up Mary Moss’s offer, so Stafford Fathoms this Saturday will now be playing a practice game at 10am at Beaconside against the 8 Stafford Ladies.

Below as at Saturday 13th. October 2012 is the possible Stafford Fathom Team ( all players have already confirmed availability for this game ) to play Wolverhampton Fathom Team on Saturday 20th. October 2012 at Beaconside – 10am push back and team / players to meet at 9:30am at Beaconside.

2 Umpires required
( Possibly looking at Dave Parr & Mav to do this for this particular Fathoms game, assuming they are playing at home for 2nd & 3rd. Team or Dan Howe if either Dave Parr or Mav are unable to do it )

1. Sam Gibson ( in goals, but only if not picked to play for 4th. Team away at Old Wulfs which is a 12 mid day push back at Wolverhampton Grammar School ).
Otherwise looking at either Keeper in 2nd. Team ( i.e. Jay Mullor ) or 3rd. Team ( i.e. Pog ) ( who are playing Bromsgrove 2nd. & 3rd. Teams at 1pm & 4pm at Beaconside respectively ) to play for Fathom Team at 10am at Beaconside or if 1st Team haven’t got a friendly away fixture on Saturday 20th. October, then prehaps Young Brad ( dad permitting ) will play between the posts for the Fathoms.

2. Gary Varga ( but only if not picked to play for 4th. Team away at Old Wulfs which is a 12 mid-day push back at Wolverhampton Grammar School )

3. Jake Varga ( but only if not picked to play for 4th. Team away at Old Wulfs which is a 12 mid-day push back at Wolverhampton Grammar School )

4. Peter Powers ( texted on Tuesday 16th. October 2012 to say unfortunately can not play this Saturday, due to work commitments )

5. Jack Fudger

6. Chris Pendleton

7. Ashley Dunn

8. Peter Chiu

9. Bennnnnnnnnnnn Waller

10. Matthew Till

11. Andrew Whitehouse

12. Adam Robinson

13. Rav Singh ( texted on Tuesday 16th. October 2012 to say he cannot play this Saturday, due to being ill at the moment )

14. Me ( John Sinclair ) ( Captain )

John Sinclair
Stafford Mens Fathom / 5th. Team Captain

Mobile No : 07966398190
E Mail Address :

Training Hockey Balls

Sorry to mention it again, but this time, we have lost 9 training hockey balls tonight. If you have accidentally picked one up, could you please return it next week.

If these losses continue, I will have to stop bring them, as I don’t have this problem with Borough Council Juniors or the Ladies – Juniors or Seniors !




Stafford 2nds to play Bromsgrove – 20 October

Team to play Bromsgrove at Beaconside – 1pm start

Paul Grime – yes
Steve Paling – yes
Rob Peatfield – yes
Andy Simms – yes
Richard Buka – yes
Gareth Minton – yes
Elliot Glennon – yes
John Sutton – yes
Dan Rennie – yes
James Faulconbridge – yes
Rich Bendall – yes
Rob Hodson – yes
Colin Bishop

All support would be gratefully appreciated!!!

A Question of Sport

Stafford Cricket and Hockey Club is holding a sports quiz on Sunday 21st October from 7pm.  The Club, located on Riverway, Stafford looks forward to welcoming members and non-members for a night of sporting questions to challenge sports buffs!

The quiz will begin at 7pm, with a buffet served at half time, plus licensed bar.  The cost is £10 entry for a team of 4 and there will be prizes for the top 3 teams.

Why not come and have a go?  For more information or to register a team, please visit or call Steph on 07716 853940.

3rd team result

Pershore 3rds 2-Stafford 3rds-2.

Goals: Tony Milner-1, Charlie Trotter-1.

MoM-Rich Brazier.

Stafford 3rds travelled south of Birmingham to play Pershore in Evesham which for the day became a little corner of San Marino defensively at least

A truly frustrating afternoon. Despite spending 80% of the game in the Pershore half and launching attack after attack inspired by MoM rich Brazier we could not convert chances into goals.

Tony Milner scored from an early strike in the first half which pershore prompty equalised with a freakish deflection. In the second half the move of the game, Brazier to Malpass to Faulconbridge to Trotter saw Charlie finish and move us 2-1 ahead. we then should have finished Pershore off hitting the wheel, the bar and virtually everywere but the goal. The turning point of the game was a penalty flick that never was, Faulconbridge was assaulted by the Pershore keeper in a Walcott moment but a short was given to everyone’s amazement. Shortly afterwards Pershore were awarded a dubious short and of course scored. You know its not your day when the umpires and their captain describe the result as daylight robbery. Sour grapes? too right.

Special mention to club-man through and through Rich Peatfield giving up an outfield game for the 4ths to travel to Evesham to be the 3rds keeper. Cheers Rich.

Team. Rich Peatfield,Paul Sweeney,Dave Thurgaland, Bob masters,Dave Baldock,Tony Milner,Rich Brazier,Guy Malpass, Josh williams,Dave Parr,Charlie Trotter,John Faulconbridge.

For those who haven’t found it yet.

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For the Fantasy Hockey for this season, this will be kept as up to date as possible and I will try to add as many usele…… useful facts and figures as deemed appropriate.

This link should now be a permanent fixture so keep coming back to check how you are doing through out the season.

Stafford 1sts v Bloxwich 1sts – Match Report

It was another frustrating day for Stafford HC 1st team last weekend as despite a good performance they lost 3-2 to Bloxwich HC.


Bloxwich were definitely the best team that Stafford have faced so far this campaign, but Stafford matched them in most departments.  The honours were even early on with neither side being able to create any clear cut chances, Bloxwich took the lead after a quick attack overran Stafford at the back and a smart one two allowed the Bloxwich forward to slot the ball home at the far post.  There was no further score up until half time, Stafford were grateful to Brad Evans in goal for some smart saves at a penalty corner.  He was Stafford’s best player on the day later being awarded the man of the match award.


After the break Stafford were guilty of a slow start, Bloxwich winning an early penalty corner.  The first shot was saved well by Evans, but the follow up fell kindly to the Bloxwich player who walked it into the goal.  This seemed to wake Stafford up and coach Dave Evans pushed three players up front which Bloxwich struggled to cope with.  Adam Kyle was at the heart of all Stafford’s attack and duly won their first penalty corner of the game.  The ball was switched right to Kyle who played it to the far post, and Ben Hollands deflected it neatly in.


One soon became two when a long pass from Giles Rowden found Dan Howe, he neatly beat his marker and rounded the keeper for a great equaliser.  Unfortunately Stafford then fell to a sucker punch when a defensive pass was intercepted by Bloxwich, a quick hit to the far post found a player unmarked for a disappointing goal.  Despite a frantic finish Stafford could not score again.


Another good performance without a point, but confidence is high within the team.  Next week there is a blank feature for Stafford.

Match Report Re : Fathoms Practice Game – Saturday 13th. October 2012 – Beaconside 11:30am push back‏

Stafford Fathom Practice Match Report for Saturday 13th. October 2012

Stafford Fathoms 1 v Stafford Non Fathoms 2 ( H/T : 0-2 )
( Scorer : Ben Waller )

Fathom Team : Brad Evans ( goalkeeper ), Ashley Dunn, Chris Pendleton, Matthew Till, Jack Fudger, Peter Chiu, Adam Robinson, Andrew Whitehouse, Ben Waller, Gary Varga, Jake Varga & Me ( John Sinclair ) ( Captain ) .

Non Fathom Team : Jonathan Williams, Alex Peatfield, Charlie Trotter, Nathan Sillito, Neil Jinks / Steve Morton, Jo Lovatt + 6 Stafford Lady Players ( including one of them playing in goals )
Umpires : Brian Brinson / Steve Morton ( 1st half ) & Neil Jinks ( 2nd. half )

With Whitchurch Fathoms being unable to fullfill this planned fixture at Beaconside at 11:30am, due to no drivers, it was decided to have a practice game for Stafford Fathoms instead, and thanks to everyone who turned up for this practice game, including some Stafford Ladies Hockey Players, we were eventually able to make it a 12 a side game between Fathoms players ( who played last week and are available to play for them next week ) verus the other 12 volunteered players. Some good hockey was played by both sides, which at this stage was a eleven side contest, but the opposition ( i.e. the non fathom team ) at the interval found themselves 2 nil up. However, after the interval with the Fathom Captain coming off the bench / side lines to make the Fathom Team 12 players and Jo Lovatt also coming off the bench / side lines to ensure the other side also had 12 players, the fathom team started in this second half to compete in areas of the pitch that they hadn’t in the first half and were a little bit more vocal with one another than they had been in the first half and these two attributes eventually lead to Ben Waller ( making his first appearance this season for the Fathoms ) scoring, to make the game 2-1 to the non fathom team, despite the 12 man Fathom Team pushing hard to try and get on level terms with their tough and very competitive opponents, unfortunately at the final whistle they were unable to find that elusive second goal in order to draw level and the non fathom team therefore ran out two one victors. Besides the fathom team not being victorious in this practice game, they were at least able to keep the momentum going from last weeks win away to Tamworth Fathoms and was good preparation / work out for the next Fathom Game next week at home to Wolverhampton Fathoms ( Re : 10am push back at Beaconside ) and they now have two goal scorers i.e. Peter Chiu from last week’s away win at Tamworth and Ben Waller from this practice game ( who else in future Fathom Games is going to compete and get themselves on the Fathom score sheet ( you’ve got to be in the team to win it ) ?).

Second team vs Bloxwich – Report

Stafford knew that a win against high flying Bloxwich, who had seemingly adapted to life in our division rather well, would be the perfect follow up to our two draws.

Bloxwich came out of the blocks very quickly against a confident Stafford team, and within the first 5 minutes we knew that this was going to be our toughest test to date. Both teams struggled to adapt to the very greasy pitch, and a few slips and stumbles led to chances at both ends, with both keepers making some sharp saves.

Bloxwich played on the front foot for most of the half, and should have converted some of the many short corners they were awarded, but some excellent defending meant their shots were either blocked Immediately, or when they did get through, Paul Grime was able to keep the ball out of our net.

Stafford went into half time 2 nil up, with Richard Bendall superbly finishing with deflections from balls drilled in from the powerful Stafford midfield, with the second assist, excellently played by Dan Rennie the move of the half.

The team talk at half time was a reiteration of what we already knew we were doing, and it was our superior work rate and composure which had given us the lead. The second half very much followed the pattern of the first, with short corner after short corner kept out by Paul Grime and his defensive team, and Bloxwich getting more and more desperate and frustrated with the pattern of the game.

Bloxwich got a goal back when a short corner, which should have been disallowed for a couple of justifiable reasons, was finished off with about 15 mins to go.

Stafford kept up their rearguard, and made the game safe with about 4 minutes to go, when Minton found Dan Rennie with a defence splitting ball, and Rennie then expertly dispatched his reverse stick shot past the Bloxwich keeper.

All in all, an excellent performance against a team who will also be pushing for promotion, and we remain unbeaten!!! Bring on Bromsgrove next week! (1pm at Beaconside if you wish to watch)

Change of Plan Re : Fathom Game on Saturday 13th. October 2012


Received an e mail from Alex Fry, Fixture Secretary of Whitchurch Hockey Club, in respect of him phoning me earlier to-nite to inform me that Whitchurch Fathoms would not be able to make the Stafford Fathom Game this Saturday ( 13th. October ) at Beaconside, Stafford Re : 11:30am push back, as all 3 drivers who were going to drive all the other Whitchurch Fathom Players to Stafford have pulled out / declined to drive to Stafford.

After the terrific result the Fathom Team had last Saturday ( i.e. beating Tamwoth Fathoms one nil away from home ), I have decided as Captain of the Fathoms to continue with this Saturday at Beaconside Re : 11.30am push back, by making this game like we did the other Saturday when Ludlow Fathoms declined to come and play us, is to have another Practice Game, so if you have already told me that you are OK to play this Saturday I am hoping you will still turn up and participate in this Practice Game at 11:30 am at Beaconside.

In order to organise this Practice Game I need to know in advance who will be turning up for it, so I would very much appreciate if you could text or e mail me to confirm your availability for this practice game and if your answer is YES, then please bring a green and white top with you in order for me to make two sides out of the players who will be there / turning up to play at 11:30am at Beaconside. This offer of participating in this practice game is not just for Fathom Players, but is an open invitation to all other players in the club i.e. 4th. Team Players, 3rd Team Players, 2nd. Team Players & 1st. Team Players, but please note it is a Fathom Practice Match. Also the players who play solely in this practice game ( i.e. will not be playing for another team later in the day ) will be charged £5 instead of £8 match fee and £2 instead of £4 match fee Re : it being a practice game and not a proper competitive game.

I await your replies ( i.e. Yes or No to playing this Saturday at 11:30am ) and hope to see you all on Saturday between 11am and 11:15am with your green and white shirts.

Stafford Fathom Team that was picked to play Whitchurch Fathoms ( before they cancelled on Wedneday 1oth. October 2012 ) : 11am meet at Beaconside on Saturday 13th. October 2012 for 11:30am push back.

Neil Jinks ( in goals ), Gary Varga, Jake Varga, Brian Horne, Andrew Whitehouse, Ben Waller, Isha Newman, Ashley Dunn, Chris Pendleton, Jack Fudger, Peter Chiu, Rav Singh, Matthew Till, Me ( John Sinclair ).

Umpires : Brian Brinson & Steve Morton

John Sinclair
Stafford Fathoms Captain for 2012 / 2013

Mobile No : 07966398190
E Mail Address :

2nd team to play Bloxwich Away -12 meet at the club

Team to play Bloxwich – 1:30 start at Bloxwich – venue to be posted Wednesday:

Paul Grime – yes
Rob Peatfield – yes
Steve Paling – yes
Elliot Glennon – yes
Gareth Minton – yes
Mark Hartwright – yes – Gareth picking up on way 11:45
Andy Simms – yes
Dan Rennie – yes
John Sutton – yes – direct
Colin Bishop – yes
James Falconbridge – yes – direct with Mav
Rich Bendall – yes – direct
Jamie Ferguson – yes

Please note if you have not paid your annual subs – these are due – and I also have tickets for the bonfire night we are hosting.

Change of Push Back Time from 2:30pm to 2:00pm on Saturday 8th. December 2012 Re : Bridgnorth Fathoms v Stafford Fathoms‏

All Fathom Players please note that the push back time of the game on Saturday 8th. December 2012 away to Bridgenorth Fathom Team has now been changed / amended by Bridgnorth Hockey Club to-day from 2:30pm to 2pm but the venue stays the same i.e. the GRASS pitch outside Bridgnorth Hockey Club, Victoria Road, Bridgnorth WV16 4LB.


John Sinclair
Stafford Mens Hockey Fixture Secretary / Match Coordinator for 2012 / 2013 & Stafford Fathoms / 5th. Team Captain.
Mobile No : 07966398190
E Mail Address :

1st Team Match Report – Stafford v Droitwich

Stafford Hockey Club 1st team travelled to Droitwich Hockey Club last weekend and returned with a point in a 3-3 draw, it could have been much worse for Stafford who were 3-0 down at the half time break.

Stafford did not make things easy for themselves with a slow start, that said a number of good early chances went begging, Andy Peatfield was dreadfully unlucky to see his deflection cannon off the post.  Droitwich scored the first goal after a lifted ball was let go by the umpire, Droitwich capitalised and slotted it past Brad Evans in goal.  In soon got worse for Stafford when they seemed overwhelmed at the back and the Droitwich forward pounced on a loose clearance.  The third came from a breakaway when the attacker beat Giles Rowden for pace and shot well from a tight angle.

A positive half time team talk by coach Dave Evans, saw Stafford raring to go and they really took the game to the opposition, Northern Ireland student Adam Kyle inspired his team mates with a deservedly man of the match performance, a quick hit into the circle found Dan Howe who took three attempts but finally beat the keeper. Soon afterwards Kyle scored himself with a seering reverse stick finish at a penalty corner.  Howe grabbed his second with a neat far post finish after good work by Rob Hodson down the left. There was still time left for Peatfield to be denied twice by the post and Stafford feeling they could have got all three points, but it was still a tremendous come back.

Next week Stafford will be hoping for their first victory at home to Bloxwich HC, 1.00pm start at Beaconside.

Stafford 3rds vs Redditch 3rds Match report 6.10.12

Stafford 3rdXI-5-Redditch 3rdXI-0


1-Dave Parr.

1-James Faulconbridge.

1-Guy Malpass.


1-John faulconbridge.

Stafford mens Hockey 3rdXI recorded an emphatic win in their second league fixture of the season. from the opening of the game Stafford maintained relentless pressure on Redditch, closing down their play and creating a multitude of chances. The first of four goals in the first half was created by James Faulconbridge who chased down a ball that Redditch had given up, crossed for Simon Burke who then laid it off for Dave Parr to score. Dave Parr then returned the favour for James Faulconbridge he picked up a forward ball from Paul Sweeney released Guy Malpass who crossed for James Faulconbridge who controlled the ball skillfully and slotted past the keeper for 2-0. It was this passage of play that probably earned Faulconbridge his Man of the Match award.

Redditch were effectively dead and buried when again provider turned scorer as Guy Malpass fired in from a tight angle for 3-0. As the half drew to a close Simon Burke hit a ball from just outside the D which deflected off a Redditch defender for an own goal, the first time the new rules have had an impact in a 3rds game.

In the second half Redditch were far more competitive and held a rampant Stafford side at bay, occasionally creating pressure of their own. The defensive line-up of Grimes, Sweeney, Thurgaland, Williams and Baldock were outstanding though and never gave Redditch a chance.

Overall it was a fantastic performance with every player adding to the team performance, Josh Williams played with great freedom in the Midfield whilst Tony Milner and Bob Masters were superb at breaking up the Redditch game, Simon Burke had an effective game returning from injury.

In the final quarter of the game the Skipper John Faulconbridge and it a Father and Son result scoring following a centre from the excellent Guy Malpass.