Stafford Fathom Team to play Bridgnorth Fathoms – Away on Saturday 8th. December 2012

This Saturday ( 8th. December 2012 ) Stafford Fathoms are Away to Bridgnorth Fathoms ( weather permitting ) ( Re a 2pm push back on the Grass Pitch outside Bridgnorth Hockey Club ( Victoria Road, Bridgnorth WV16 4LB ) – Team / Players available to play in this game are listed below and all 7 players need to meet at Stafford Hockey Club at 12.30pm Re : journey to Bridgnorth.

1. Peter Powers ( has said he is willing to drive to Bridgnorth )

2. Tom Cope ( his dad has said he is willing to drive to Bridgnorth )

3. Taran Bassie

4. Ben Waller

5. Matthew Till

6. Harry Coltman ( his dad has said he is also willing to drive to Bridgnorth )

7. Me, John Sinclair – Fathom Captain.

Have spoken to Bridgnorth to nite ( i.e. Wednesday 5th. December 2012 ) about Stafford Fathoms only having 7 definite players and no keeper and they have said if we can only bring the 7 players ( that I have listed above ) ( which unfortunately does not include a keeper ) to them for this Saturday’s ( 8th. December ) game at their place on their grass pitch, they will provide us with a keeper and extra players., in order to make it a decent game between us both. So if anyone in the above list between now and 12.30pm on Saturday 8th. December 2012, suddenly find they cannot play in the above Fathom Game, then please contact me a.s.a.p. either by text on 07966398190 or by e mail, otherwise I will see all 6 of you this Saturday at Stafford Hockey Club Re : 12.30pm meet.