1st Team Selection & Meet Time – 08.12.12

Away at Kidderminster – Meet at the clubhouse at 12.15pm for a 2.30pm push back.

If you plan to go direct to the pitch please let me know.

Pitch Address :

Stourport Sports Club



DY13 8BQ


Team to play :

Brad Evans

Simon Parnell

Richard Buka

Andy Barnett

James Faulconbridge

Ben Hollands

Giles Rowden

James Gillingham

Dan Howe

John Peatfield

Steve Marsh

Andy Peatfield

Dan Rennie

Stafford Fathom Match Report for Saturday 1st. December 2012 Re : Stafford Fathoms v Bloxwich Fathoms

Stafford Fathom Match Report for Saturday 1st. December 2012 ( Re : 10:15am ( should have been 10:00am ) push back at Beaconside, Stafford )

Stafford Fathoms 1 v Bloxwich Fathoms 2 ( H/T : 0-0 )
( Scorers : Tristan Pomfrey )

Stafford Fathom Team : Pog ( GK ), Peter Powers, Ben Waller, Matthew Till, Sam Gibson, Taran Bassie, Harry Coltman, Jack Hodkinson ( Only played 1st. Half ), Ian Hodkinson, Edward Baker ( New Junior Player ) Tristan Pomfrey, Tom Cope & Me ( John Sinclair ) ( Captain ).

Umpires : Steve Morton & Neil Jinks / Dan Howe

This home game came very close to being called off on Saturday morning, as the Beaconside pitch at just after 9am was awash with water in all areas of it and appeared to be quiet hard, just underneath the surface of it. With the opposition, Bloxwich phoning me as Fathom Captain, just after I had quickly inspected the pitch ( i.e. about 9.15am ), I had to make a judgement call on behalf of all parties concerned Re : Bloxwich Fathoms travelling to Stafford for the game ( Re : 10am push back ) and our players & Bloxwich players being OK / Safe to play on it, in the condition it was in at that stage in the morning, and I made a decision ( which just happened to be a good one, but could of so easily been a bad one i.e. players slipping over & hurting themselves ) that the pitch at that stage, was just about playable, so long as everyone who would be playing on it, treated the condition of it with respect ( i.e. no rash challenges, especially at speed Re : being able to stop in the slippery / wet conditions ).

Push back time was put back by quarter of an hour to 10:15am ( Re : state of the pitch ). Both Stafford Fathoms & their opposition, Bloxwich were very much up for the game despite the the wet / hard playing conditions of the pitch. Stafford Fathoms players wanted to use this game Re : building on the magnificant, but well earned 2-2 draw they achieved last week against Barlaston Fathoms. Stafford Fathom Team was also bolstered again by having Pog in goals for this game. In the first half both teams, played well and both sides had chances to score, but both sides defended well and at half time it was no surprise that scores were level, as neither side had managed to find the back of the net, despite at times Stafford being slightly the better side, with Ben Waller & Tristan Pomfrey, playing exceptionally well in the midfield for Stafford Fathoms & new Junior Ed Baker playing his first game for Stafford Fathoms, certainly seemed to settle well and not be fazed by the experience of playing against adults twice the size of him.

The start of the second half saw Stafford Fathom defence and keeper for the first ten minutes of it, being under considerable pressure from their opposition, Bloxwich and in that 10 minute spell, Stafford unfortunately found themselves conceding 2 goals and trailing by 2 goals to nil. However, despite going 2 nil down, Stafford Fathom Heads / Spirit did not drop and Stafford pressed hard to try and get at least a goal back and with just 5 minutes to go before the finish of the game, Stafford won their first short corner of the game, which was taken by Ben Waller and was converted into a goal by a strike by Tristan Pomfrey ( his first goal for them on his second apperance for them ) ( He also won Man of the Match Re : being selected for it by Stafford Fathom Captain : John Sinclair ). Despite Stafford Fathoms working & trying hard in the last five minutes of the game to try and get that second goal which would of meant another 2-2 draw for them, but when the final whistle blew, Stafford Fathoms found that they had unfortunately lost 2-1 to Bloxwich Fathoms.

Stafford Fathoms, despite losing this game 2-1, can definitely take heart from it, because a few weeks ago they lost their last home game 7-1 to North Staffs Fathoms, since then the scorelines have become alot more respectable Re : not getting thrashed anymore ( so far ) and also getting praises from the likes of Dennis Wall President of Stafford Cricket & Hockey Club, who came along and watched this particular game.

Next week ( Saturday 8th. December 2012 ) see Stafford Fathoms back on the road again, as they are down to play Away against Bridgnorth Fathoms ( weather permitting ) ( Re : 2pm push back on the Grass Pitch outside Bridgnorth Hockey Club ( Victoria Road, Bridgnorth WV16 4LB ) – Team / Players to meet at Stafford Hockey Club at 12.30pm for journey to Bridgnorth – 3 to 4 Drivers required for this game, so if you can drive to this game, I would appreciate if you could let me know this ). However, Stafford Fathoms are yet again looking for a goalkeeper to play for them between the posts for this fathom game on Saturday ( 8th. December 2012 ). ( so if there is anyone who fancies going between the posts for the fathoms, then please let me know as soon as possible by text on 07966398190 ).

Unfortunately, out of the 13 players who played yesterday against Bloxwich Fathoms, there are only 6 players available to play against Bridgnorth Fathoms next week ( i.e. John Sinclair, Peter Powers ( car driver ), Tom Cope ( his dad has said he is willing to drive ), Taran Bassie, Ben Waller & Matthew Till ), the following 7 players Pog ( goalkeeper ), Edward Baker, Harry Coltman, Sam Gibson, Tristan Pomfrey, Ian & Jack Hodkinson are not available to play in this fathom game away at Bridgnorth, due to other commitments, but hopefully Andrew Whitehouse & Adam Robinson who couldn’t play against Bloxwich Fathoms yesterday due to work comitments, will be back / available fot the Fathom Game away to Bridgnorth and if they are available, Stafford Fathoms will then at this stage have 8 available players to go to Bridgnorth to play Bridgnorth Fathoms on their Grass Pitch. So with Stafford 3rds not having a game this Saturday 8th. December 2012, hoping that Stafford Fathoms will find 3 to 4 players from this team to play for them.