Club Game – Saturday 6th. April 2013 Re : 11.30am push back at Beaconside

Players as at 3pm on Wednesday 3rd. April 2013, who have confirmed to me that they are definitely available to play in Club Game this Saturday ( 6th. April ) at Beaconside Re : 11.30am push back ( players to meet at 11am at Beaconside ) :

1) Neil Jinks
2) Harry Coltman
3) Me ( John Sinclair )
4) Dave Parr
5) Jo Lovatt
6) Nathan Sillitto
7) Adam Robinson
8) Rav Singh
9) Jamie Ferguson

As at 3pm on Wedneday 3rd. April 2013, still awaiting replies from my text to the following players, regarding availability for this club game :

Taran Bassie
Sam Gibson
Ed Baker
Lee Whitelock
Ian Hodkinson
John Williams
Josh Williams
Tony Milner
Jack Ball
Isha Newman
Jack Fudger
Peter Chiu
Ric Franks
Carl Franklin
Mary Moss ( Re : Stafford Ladies playing in this club game, if they want to )