Election of Club Officers for 2013-14

The annual Hockey Section SGM was held today, where the following members were elected to undertake roles during the 2013-14 season.

Club Officers
Chairman, Dave Parr
Secretary, John Sutton
Treasurer, Richard Bendall
Fixture Secretary, John Sinclair
Team Secretary, Richard Bendall
Welfare Officer, Carl Franklin

Team Captains
First XI, Richard Buka
Second XI, Gareth Minton
Third XI, Jamie Ferguson
Fourth XI, Neil Jinks
Fifth XI, John Sinclair
Veterans, Jamie Ferguson
Summer League, Giles Rowden and Jamie Ferguson

Committee Members
(in addition to the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Fixture Secretary and First XI Captain)
Dan Howe, Mike Wymer, Andy Barnett, Paul Grimes

Ken Wain Memorial
Congratulations and thanks are once again due to Dan Howe, who was awarded the Ken Wain trophy for the second consecutive year.

Thank you to all of those members who attended the meeting.