Match Report Re : Stafford Fathoms / 5th. Team v Old Wulfs Fathoms on Saturday 26th. October 2013

Date : Saturday 26th. October 2013
Fixture : Stafford Fathoms / 5th. Team v Old Wulfs Fathom Team
Venue : Beaconside, Stafford
Push-Back : 10.00am
Score : 5-0 ( H/T 2-0 ) ( Won )

Scorers : Josh Thorne, Paul Rennie, Dan Wheawall, Paul Rennie & Dan Wheawall.

MOM : Tyler Murray ( Nominated by Non-Playing Captain of Stafford Fathom Team, John Sinclair & Vice Captain of Stafford Fathom Team, Paul Rennie )

Umpires : Charlie Trotter ( 1st & 2nd Half ) & Brad Evans ( 1st. Half ) & Richard Bendall ( Mav ) ( 2nd. Half )

Stafford Fathom Team / 5th. Team :
Paul Ruddle ( GK ), Paul Rennie, Carl Dudley, Declan Martin, Will Trotter, Tarran Bassie, Hary Coltman, Damon Morbey, Kyle Rennie, Josh Thorne, Dan Wheawall, Tyler Murray ( Sub / Reserve : Neil Jinks – who was used towards end of game for Paul Rennie ).

Stafford Fathoms / 5th. Team knew that this game, was a chance to put last week’s 4-1 loss to Aldridge & Walsall Fathoms behind them and they started the game with a new keeper between the posts in the form of Student : Paul Ruddle, plus two other new players, Josh Thorne & Tyler Murray making their debut for Stafford Fathoms and last week’s 4-1 loss was soon put to bed, when new comer Josh Thorne scored on his debut within the first 15 minutes of the game starting and from their on in, Stafford took command of the game, to the extend that their new keeper, Paul Ruddle had very little to deal with, due to good defending by Taran Bassie, Carl Dudley and Paul Rennie and a lot of tireless work in midfield by Declan Martin, Josh Thorne & Damon Morbey ( who was playing his first game for Stafford Fathoms, due to missing a few games in the 4th. Team, due to other commitments ) and just before half time, Stafford Fathom Veteran Vice Captain, Paul Rennie ensured that they went to the interval 2-0 up, when he scored from a short corner.
Second half saw Stafford Fathoms go from strength to strength and like the first half they dominated most of it, However, as a result of this, the Stafford Fathom Keeper, Paul Ruddle again hardly had anything to deal with, just like in the first half, as Stafford Fathoms played some neat, tidy and uncomplicated hockey ( i.e. passed well, kept hold of the ball well, intercepted well etc ) and this played a major part in getting Dan Wheawall ( who had missed the last two fathom games, due to other commitments ), onto the Fathom score sheet, when he netted twice for them, with Paul Rennie scoring a second goal for himself ( Re : Stafford Fathom’s fourth goal ), which was slotted home in between Dan’s two goals for the Fathoms and youngsters Tyler Murray, Harry Coltman, Will Trotter & Kyle Rennie, all went close with opportunities to getting themselves onto the score sheet for the Stafford Fathoms, they were either thawed by the Old Wulfs Fathom Keeper making some good saves against them or by just failing to connect when a ball was struck across Old Wulf’s Fathom’s goal. Anyhow, at the final whistle, Stafford Fathoms registered their best win since the Fathom League started over 3 years ago, as they ran out worthy 5-0 winners.

Man of the Match this week was awarded to the newcomer of young 13 year old Tyler Murray, who despite his age and size wasn’t frightened or put off playing against players older than himself or bigger than himself, he just relished the opportunity to play his first game of hockey for Stafford Fathoms / 5th. Team and his efforts and commitment was dully noted by both the Stafford Fathom Captain, John Sinclair ( who was not playing in this game due to an inflamed knee injury ) and 2 goal Vice Captain, Paul Rennie.

Now Stafford Fathoms need to keep their feet firmly on the ground and to not get too carried away with this excellent result of 5-0, because in March of this year Stafford Fathoms played away against their next opponents of Bloxwich Fathoms and in this game they found themselves deservedly 2-0 up at half time, but unfortunately in the second half of this game, they allowed Bloxwich to come back and dominate it, and they managed to find the back of the Stafford Fathom net 3 times in this half, while Stafford were unable to reply, so at the final whistle, Stafford found that they had lost this particular game 3-2, after being 2-0 up at half time.

This Saturday ( 2nd November ) Stafford Fathom / 5th. Team travel, ( as already mentioned ) Away to play Bloxwich Fathoms ( Re : a 12 o’clock mid-day push-back at the Black Country University / UTC ( formerly known as Sneyd Community Centre ), Vernon Way, Sneyd Lane, Bloxwich WS3 2PA ) and all Fathom Players who are picked to play in this game, will need to meet at Stafford Hockey Club at 10.45am and hopefully the same 12 players who contributed to the magnificant 5-0 win over Old Wulfs Fathoms this Saturday, will be picked to play in this game, which I hope will include, Paul Ruddle as Stafford Fathom Keeper ( However, last Saturday ( 26th. October ), after playing for Stafford Fathoms and Stafford Ladies in goals in the morning, Paul did go and play in goals for Stafford 3rd. Team at 4pm at Beaconside and was nominated Man of the Match by them, as he did real well for them, especially in the second half ) and should hopefully include the return of Luke Mitford, Matthew Till, Ian Hodkinson & Jack Hodkinson, who all missed the Old Wulfs Fathom game, due to other commitments, but have confirmed to me ,that they are available to play in this game and the possibility, but still to be confirmed as available of Alan Snell & Peter Powers. Therefore, if everyone is available to play for Stafford Fathoms in this game Away to Bloxwich Fathoms this Saturday, it will mean the Stafford Fathom Team will consist of between 16 to 18 players ( and that excludes the crocked / injured Captain ).

John Sinclair

Stafford Fathom / 5th. Team Captain.