Fantasy Hockey – Week 4

Well Week 4 has come and gone with good results seen by the majority of the Stafford Sides, with some good hockey played throughout, special mention to the youngsters in the 5th team.

The League has seen some movers and shakers this week with a familiar face sneaking into Top Spot, Steve Paling who won last year obviously hasn’t lost his touch, although his partner in crime at the heart of the thirds defence is giving him a run for his money.

See the Table below.

Pos Team Name Player Name Points
1 Plan B Steve Paling 171
2 50 Not Out! Rob Peatfield 164
3 Bendall’s Boys Berni Bendall 163
4 I’ll think of a name Later Pete Chiu 158
5 Absinthe Minded II Fiona Riley 158
6 Red Card Issuer Brian Brinson 156
7 Geeks United Richard Bendall 154
8 The Wet Dream Team Mike Wattley 153
9 Dynamo Bukarest Richard Buka 152
10 Sudakoz Boyz John Sudale 150
11 Subs Bench to Start Gareth Minton 147
12 Andy’s Tigers Andy Jones 147
13 Sillitoes Nathan Silito 146
14 Falcos Warriors James Faulconbridge 143
15 Too Sexy for this Game Giles Rowden 143
16 TBC Brad Evans 142
17 Wymers Wanderers Mike Wymer 140
18 Team Weet Chris Weetman 138
19 Gibsons Gogetters Sam Gibson 138
20 I’m still not picking me! Dave Parr 134
21 This is Howe it’s Done Dan Howe 129
22 The Beer Monsters Helen Paling 128
23 Bish, Bash, Bosh Colin Bishop 127
24 Parney’s Players Simon Parnell 123
25 Tony’s Tigers Tony Milner 122
26 Hednesford Triumphant Neil Jinks 122
27 Mossy’s Merry Men Mary Moss 121
28 Simmo’s Second’s Select Andy Simms 119
29 Trotters Terriers Amanda Trotter 119
30 Mighty Magyars Gary Varga 117
31 TBC1 Randall Moore 117
32 The commoners Sarah Peatfield 115
33 Creswell Dennis Wall 114
34 East Fife 5 Forfar 4 Jon Williams 111
35 Pick-a-Mix Anne Silito 110
36 Doom Weasels Pog 104
37 The Pacemakers Sue Peatfield 101
38 Robo Rangers Ian Robinson 100

2nd team match report – by Andy “Reverse stick Screamer” Barnett

Stafford twos looked to keep their impressive undefeated start to the season up against top of the table Bloxwich who had scored 22 (yes 22!) and conceded just 5 in their opening 3 games.

From the very start, it was clear Stafford wanted to get something from this game and spent most of the first 10 minutes in possession before Dan Howe broke the deadlock through a neatly placed short corner strike.

The game then took and turn, as Stafford suffered from interesting decisions, a green card for midfielder Andy Barnett and Bloxwich hitting the crossbar. Eventually the pressure told and a misplaced pass allowed a run at goal which drew the game level just before half time.

The second half saw Stafford reset and come out the blocks very quickly and at the start of the half had a spell of short corners which Elliot Glennon ‘drag flicked’ into the top corner. From then some great play between Colin Bishop and Richard Bendal led to a Stafford goal. Richard Bendall then turned provider for Andy Barnett, who scored through the keepers legs in a shot that has been described by some* as the best reverse stick shot this club has ever seen.

More fast build up play in the midfield, including great passing from James Gillingham, saw Richard Bendall score his second and Stafford’s fifth.

Not to miss out on the scoring action, Andy Simms felt he should try his luck at goal and smashed the ball into the corner, a shot any centre forward would be proud of and no keeper in the world would be able to save…unfortunately it was his own goal.

Eventual Man of the Match and captain Gareth Minton then commanded his side for the remainder of the game, keeping the defensive unit very tight and allowing the attackers to play out the rest of the game in the opposing half. Stafford could have easily added two more goals but Dan Howe refused to pass to Colin Bishop on two occasions, instead cleverly opting to win a long corner and run the clock down (or he is a classic centre forward and wanted to score.)

Next week Stafford play Old Wolves at home, a game where they need to pick up three points before tough games against Stone and Telford in the near future.

*some being himself

MOM: Garth Minton
DOD: Andy ‘own goal’ Simms

Scorers: Dan How, Richard Bendall x2, Elliot ‘drag flick’ Glennon, Andy Barnett