Stafford Fathom / 5th. Team Report for Saturday 16th. November 2013 Re : North Staffs Fathoms v Stafford Fathoms / 5th. Team

Date : Saturday 16th. November 2013
Fixture : North Staffs Fathoms v Stafford Fathoms / 5th. Team
Venue : Staffs University, Stoke Site, Leek Road, Stoke-on-Trent Staffs
Push-Back : 12.00 mid-day
Score : 3-1 ( H/T 1-0 ) ( Lost )

Scorers : Ashley Dunn

MOM : Josh Thorne ( Nominated by Dan Wheawall, watching & barking orders from the sidelines + approved by the rest of the team )

Umpires : N/A

Stafford Fathom Team / 5th. Team :
Pog ( GK ), Paul Rennie, Carl Dudley, Declan Martin, Will Trotter, Tarran Bassie, Hary Coltman, Kyle Rennie, Tyler Murray, Josh Thorne, Ashley Dunn, Ed Baker, John Sinclair / Dan Wheawall.

Stafford 5ths found themselves on the road again this time against North Staffs Fathoms, which they lost 4-0 to last time they played them at their place back in February, but with winning the week before to a strong Wolverhampton Fathom Team, Stafford were hoping this win / performance would flow over into this game.
North Staffs were only able to start the game with 10 players, as one of their players hadn’t turned up and they didn’t have a designated keeper, so they had to nominate one of their out players as a kicking back and all the youngsters who normally play for their fathom team, were playing in a tournament somewhere else, so North Staffs Fathom Captain had to draft in senior players, such as Dave Escombe, who use to many years ago play for Stafford as a first team player and they were only able to supply one umpire to umpire the game.

Unfortunately with 3 senior players missing from Stafford’s last weeks win, it meant Stafford had to re-organise their midfield and defence and with the opposition fielding players with age and experience and Stafford’s side fielding 6 players of 16 and under, it soon became apparent that the side with the age and experience and one less player were soon dominating the proceedings and on numerous occasions Pog in Stafford Fathoms goals, for the first time this season, came to his team rescue with a number of excellent slaves and despite being under the cosh for large periods of the first half, Stafford looked like they were going to the interval / half-way stage on level terms at 0-0 with their opponents, North Staffs ( who were now up to 11 players, as their missing player had turned up for them ), but unfortunately a few minutes before half time they managed to sneak the ball between Stafford’s keeper and his post and went to the interval 1-0 up.

The second half saw Stafford Fathoms Captain John Sinclair, who in the first half had been playing in defence, having to take his turn as being one of the 2 substitutes for the next 10 minutes and within five minutes of the start of the second half, Stafford’s defence found they hadn’t marked their counterparts, as well as they could of done and North Staffs utilised this and extended their lead to two goals to nil, but Stafford were finding this game a lot tougher / harder than their last few games and unfortunately not long after North Staffs extended their lead, young Will Trotter for Stafford took a massive hit / knock to one of his legs and had to be carried off the pitch by Stafford Fathom’s Vice Captain Paul Rennie, who was near to him when the incident happened and Stafford had also unfortunately lost young Kyle Rennie, a little earlier, due to him taking some kind of knock during the game, so that left Stafford down to 11 players and no subs and despite a lot of hard work by Stafford to keep North Staffs at bay, they were unable to stop North Staffs from getting a sneak third goal, but have this, Stafford’s injury woes continued, when their Captain, John Sinclair, who had only been back on the pitch for about 10 minutes, had to leave the pitch again, due to his knee injury flaring up again and Dan Wheawall watching his beloved Stafford Fathoms play, doned a Stafford Fathom White Shirt and went on for the injured Stafford Fathom Captain, so as to ensure Stafford Fathom Team had 11 players on the pitch and with his presence and Stafford’s youthfulness, Stafford started to find more time on the ball, as their opponents appeared to tyre and Stafford started to have a few chances on goal against North Staffs kicking back and before the final whistle blew, Stafford broke away with a great pass from Stafford’s midfield player, Josh Thorne to Dan Wheawall and with Ashley Dunn on one side him and the young Tyler Murray on the other, he was able to draw out North Staffs kicking back to him and he then passed the ball to Ashley Dunn, who slotted the ball into North Staffs empty goal and at the final whistle, even though the Stafford Fathom Team had lost 3-1, the team gave Man of the Match, Josh Thorne ( nominated by Dan Wheawall as he watched / barked orders for the majority of the game from the sidelines and agreed with by the rest of the team ), three cheers to wish him well Re : him playing his last game for Stafford, as unfortunately he was moving onto pastures new, due to him losing his job on Thursday.

Just like last week, Stafford Fathom youngsters were praised again for their performance and team work by North Staffs Fathom Captain and the Ex-Stafford Player, Dave Escombe, on how well they played and adapted themselves, especially as injuries played havoc with the team and it’s formation.

This Saturday ( 23rd November ) Stafford Fathom / 5th. Team are at home to Tamworth Fathoms, but unfortunately, due to Stafford Ladies requiring the 10am slot at Beaconside for a league fixture, Stafford Fathoms / 5th. Team are having to play / use Stone Hockey Club Astro Re : 10am push back and all Fathom Players who are picked to play in this game, will need to meet at STONE Hockey Club at 9.30am and Vice Captain, Paul Rennie, Kyle Rennie, Josh Thorne, Ed Baker and Ashley Dunn who played in yesterday’s game against North Staffs Fathoms are unfortunately unable to play in this game, but Peter Powers, Ian Hodkinson, Alan Snell who missed yesterday’s game, due to other commitments and Matthew Till, who was ill are all available to play in this game.

In October last year Stafford Fathoms / 5th. Team played Tamworth Fathoms Away and won the game 1-0 with Peter Chiu scoring the winning goal, so hopefully Stafford can keep up the good work and team spirit and get back to the winning ways of 2 weeks ago.