Stafford 2nd team match report, courtesy of Andy “Ron Burgandy” Barnett

Stafford 2nd vs. Telford

Stafford twos faced a big test to their undefeated record against Telford who had the best defence in the league, concealing just 5 goals up their opening 7 games.

Once again Stafford came out the blocks, and once again Jack Ball grabbed a goal inside the opening 5 minutes, smashing the ball home from a tight angle. unfortunately he was unable to copy last weeks 6 minute hat trick.

However, before long Stafford had doubled there league. Andy Barnett slipped the ball to Mike Whatley at the top of the D who looked to pass, before Dan Howe screamed ‘shoot!’, Mike listened to the big man and drove the ball right into the corner.

Telford managed to find a route back into the game just before the break with a clever short corner that slipped the ball to the side. There was still time for Mike Wymer to make a very naughty play and hit the ball away after giving away the foul. Green Card…naughty Mike.

Stafford excited the packed out Beaconside arena with slide tackles from Andy Simms and some actual good play form Mike Whatley and keeper Paul Ruddle who made a number of tidy saves when the Stafford line was broke.

Half time was surprisingly quiet this week, Cpt. Gareth Minton didn’t use any catchphrases and the usually upbeat Colin Bishop resorted to yelling ‘1-2-3 Stafford’ without an inspirational team talk.

Even without Colin’s word, Stafford started the half well, Richard Bendall got onto the end of a good throw ball before taking it around the keeper. The keeper did not like this one bit, so take Mav out. Mav reacted by putting his arms in the air and staying on his knees until he was ready to mince over and confidently score the flick.

Cpt. Gareth Minton was then so enraged by Andy Simms dropping the C-Bomb that he played the ball to the Telford centre forward. Luckily the striker was also so enrage by the C-Bomb that he missed the chance. Don’t worry folks, Andy has been fined one English pound for this.

I can’t remember Telfords second goal, I wasn’t on the pitch (nor was I for the first), must be the mo. Power to the moustache.

Stafford needed a lift, and at this point, James Falconbirdge used the very last of his teenage boy voice to scream ‘come on Stafford’. This got Colin Bishop in the mood who wanted to make up for his first half miss by hitting every single pad the keeper had. But it’s ok, about 5 minutes later he controlled the ball (taking an age to do so) before scoring an open goal.

The game was then safe as Stafford saw out another great result, leaving them top of the league.

This week, we have the first Stafford Twos player profile.

Name: Dan Howe
Position: Striker
Favourite Team Mate: Andy Barnett
Moment of the Season: The C-Bomb
Favourite member of One Direction: Niall
Season in 5 words: Superb, undefeated bunch of lads

Thanks Dan, next weeks profile will be a classic.

MOM: James Gillingham
DOD: Colin Bishop
Scorers: Colin Bishop, Richard Bendall, Jack Ball, Mike Whatley

Next week, Stafford twos face Wolverhampton, if they win they’ll be top for Christmas.