Stafford Fathom Match Report for Saturday 7th. December 2013 Re : Family Affair Game of Ludlow Fathoms v Stafford Fathoms / 5th. Team

Date : Saturday 7th. December 2013
Fixture : Ludlow Fathoms v Stafford Fathoms / 5th. Team
Venue : Much Wenlock Leisure Centre / William Brookes School TF13 6NB
Push-Back : 1.30pm
Score : 7-1 ( H/T 2-0 ) ( Won )

Scorers : Paul Rennie, Charlie Trotter, George Hodgkinson, Paul Rennie, George Hodgkinson, Charlie Trotter & Jack Hodgkinson
( Paul Rennie – 2 Goals, Charlie Trotter – 2 Goals, George Hodgkinson – 2 Goals & Jack Hodgkinson – 1 Goal )

MOM : 11 year old George ( Who says I’m a small player ) Hodgkinson.
( nominated by Stafford Coach : Dave Evans watching whole of the game from side lines )

Stafford Fathom Team / 5th. Team :
Elliott Glennon ( 1st Half ) / Daniel Rennie ( 2nd. Half ) ( GK ), Paul Rennie, John Sinclair, Declan Martin, Ian Hodgkinson, Jack Hodkinson, Charlie Trotter, George Hodgkinson, Will Trotter & Kyle Rennie ( & Brad Evans played out for Opposition, Ludlow Fathoms ).

Stafford Fathoms / 5th. Team having lost 5 players ( Carl Dudley ( other commitments ), Matthew Till ( injured ), Dan Wheawall ( promoted to 3rds ), Damon Morbay ( injured ) & Tarran Bassie ( other commitments ) ) of the 13 players picked at Tuesday Nite’s Team Selection to play Ludlow Fathoms, they had to reluctantly to draw on three young 1st. Team players, Daniel Rennie, Charlie Trotter & Elliott Glennon who had played before Stafford Fathoms game ( Re : Ludlow 1st. against Stafford 1sts ), to ensure they started the game with 11 players and the opposition Ludlow Fathoms also found before the game started that they only had 8 players, so they recruited their 1st. Team Keeper & Stafford 1st. Team Keeper, Brad Evans, to help them out and to ensure they started the game with 10 players and a keeper, who hadn’t played in goals before.

The Stafford Fathom Team which won last week by 3 goals to nil, only had 5 players from that game starting this game i.e. Paul Rennie, John Sinclair, Will Trotter, Declan Martin & Kyle Rennie but despite the changes to the team from last week, the team had become a Family Affair with Dad Paul Rennie playing with his 2 sons, Kyle Rennie & Daniel Rennie and Dad Ian Hodgkinson playing with his 2 sons, Jack Hodgkinson & George Hodgkinson and 2 Brothers Charlie Trotter & Will Trotter, playing alongside one another.

Stafford took an early lead from dependable Paul Rennie via one of his short corner routines ( i.e. stop it & smash it one ) and with him & John Sinclair ensuring from their on in, that nothing was going to get past them in Stafford Fathom’s defence, it meant Elliott Glennon, helping Stafford Fathoms out in goals, when he normally plays out for the Stafford 1sts, was finding he had very little to do. However, when Brad Evans ( Stafford’s regular first team keeper ), playing up front for the opposition did manage to get past the resolute John Sinclair in Stafford’s defence, Elliott came to Stafford’s & Sinky’s rescue, by meeting his first team counterpart, to ensure his shot on goals, went just wide of his Stafford goals and with half time looming Charlie Trotter ( another Stafford 1st. Team player helping Stafford Fathom’s out ), skillfully danced round a number of Ludlow defenders to slot the ball home from close range, so as to ensure Stafford Fathoms went in at half time 2-0 up.

The second half saw Daniel Rennie, another Stafford first team player going in goals for Stafford Fathoms, when he had been playing out for Stafford Fathoms in the first half and Elliott Glennon was now playing out for Stafford Fathoms and he was then given the job / task of marking his fellow first team keeper, Brad Evans who was playing for the opposition and he completely marked / snuffed him out of the game. However, that didn’t prevent within 5 minutes of the start of the second half, Ludlow managing to put Stafford under the cosh and to win their first short corner of the game and from it they managed to put the ball past Stafford’s defence / keeper to make the game 2-1 to Stafford and this goal for the next 5 minutes or so, seemed to unsettle / unnerve Stafford and their persistence not to cave to Ludlow’s re-found energy ( Re : them trying to get that all important equalizer ) and Ian Hodgkinson & Declan Martin in Stafford’s midfield worked tirelessly to claim back control and it soon paid dividends Re : them winning a number of crucial tackles in the middle of the park / pitch, this also had a knock-on effect, as it helped to feed Stafford’s young forward line of Will Trotter, Kyle Rennie & George Hodgkinson, all of them going close on a number occasions with decent shots at Ludlow’s goal and eventually young 11 year old George Hodgkinson soon converted one of these chances, when he dribbled the ball nicely around the virgin Ludlow keeper ( i.e. playing in goals for the first time ), to slot it home for his first goal for Stafford Fathoms and to extend Stafford’s lead to 3-1 and this third goal then seemed to settle Stafford down, as not long after that, they won themselves a short corner, which Paul Rennie converted in the same style as his first goal in the first half ( i.e. stop it and smash it ), so now with Stafford leading 4-1, they now grew in strength and belief and started to take a lot more control of the game and about 10 minutes later, Stafford scored again when Dad Ian Hodgkinson put an exquisite pass across the Ludlow D for his young son George to slot home for his second goal and Stafford’s fifth and even though Stafford now had a commanding lead, it didn’t stop Ludlow from occasionally putting Stafford under a bit of pressure, but it wasn’t long before Stafford were at it again, when they extended their lead even further, when Charlie Trotter went on another of his runs, before slotting the ball home for his second goal of the game and Stafford’s sixth. Paul Rennie in defence, then decided it was now time to take himself off the pitch for the last ten minutes of the game, due to him taking a knock to one of his knees, earlier in the half and 2 goal, first team player Charlie Trotter was then requested by Stafford’s Vice Captain / tactical advisor, Paul Rennie to drop back into defence to take over from him and John Sinclair was then requested by him to go up front to replace Charlie Trotter and he soon had a chance to try and put himself on the score sheet for Stafford, but unfortunately his shot on goal was comfortable saved by the Ludlow keeper. Anyhow, with the clock rapidly ticking down to full time and Stafford winning 6-1, young Will Trotter, decided he wasn’t going to be outdone by his older brother, Charlie and he went on a ‘maisey’ run of his own, going pass a number of Ludlow defenders but the only difference with his run compared to his brother’s, was when he saw young Jack Hodgkinson at the top of the D, he casually and unselfishly slotted the ball to him, so that he could then hit it sweetly and with some power past the advancing Ludlow keeper, to ensure Jack also got onto the score sheet ( along with his younger brother, George ), to record his first Stafford Fathom goal of the season and at the final whistle a few minutes later, Stafford Fathoms had ran out victorious and had won the game 7 goals to 1. However, even those who didn’t get on the score sheet during this game, certainly played an integral part in Stafford Fathoms recording their best ever win, so far this season and last season, so well done to everyone who participated in this game, including the in-effect, Brad Evans who helped out the opposition.

Dave Evans, who had stopped to watch Stafford Fathoms, after coaching the first team game before the fathom game started, awarded 11 year old George Hodgkinson, who was playing his second game for Stafford Fathoms and had scored 2 goals during the game, with the Man of The Match Award, which he had also won a few weeks before in his first game for Stafford Fathoms ( Re : the game Away in October to Aldridge & Walsall ‘A’ Team ).

This Saturday ( 14th December ) Stafford Fathom / 5th. Team will be playing their final fathom game of the year against Whitchurch Fathoms at home at Beaconside Re : a later pushback than normal of 4pm and all Fathom Players who are picked to play in this game, will need to meet at Beaconside at 3.15pm with Santa Hats ( except for the keeper ) Re : them being worn during this game, otherwise you will incur a £1 fine, which will be donated to the Text Santa Appeal on TV a week later + will be having a team photo taken in one of the goals before game starts, of us all wearing our Santa Hats ( so please do not let the side down, I am counting on you all joining in the festive spirit, which will also be drunk at the Club Christmas Party in the evening and everyone is welcome to join in that as well, please see me or text me for tickets – if interested ) . Unfortunately missing this game after playing in Saturday’s magnificent 7-1 win, will be the Hodgkinson Family of Ian, Jack & George due to other commitments. However, making a welcome return for this Saturday’s Final Fathom game of the year against Whitchurch Fathoms, after missing Saturday’s brillant 7-1 win, are Pog in goals, Alan Snell, Harry Coltman, Tyler Murray, Taran Bassie, Carl Dudley & maybe Damon Morbay, if he has recovered from his injury which prevented him from playing this Saturday. Unfortunately it appears Matthew Till & Peter Powers will probably be missing until Fathom’s next game on Saturday 18th. January 2014 against Cannock Fathoms which is at home but at Stone Hockey Club ( Re : 10am pushback ), due to an injury Matthew picked up last Saturday ( 30th. November ) playing against Aldridge & Walsall ‘B’ Fathom Team and Pete due to a bereavement in his family, so from myself as Captain of Stafford Fathoms and Paul Rennie as Vice Captain of Stafford Fathoms, can we wish you both a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope to see you both fit & well and back playing for the Stafford Fathoms on Saturday 18th. January 2014.

Unfortunately last season Stafford Fathoms didn’t get to play Whitchurch Fathoms, as the home game in October last year wasn’t played supposedly due to senior players in their side refusing to drive the younger players to Stafford and the away Fixture to them in January this year, was cancelled due to snow.