Stafford Fathom Team / 5th. Team for Saturday 14th. December 2013 Re : Santa Hat Game of Stafford Fathoms / 5th. Team v Whitchurch Fathoms

Stafford Fathom Team / 5th. Team ( as at 12-12-2013 ) for Saturday 14th. December 2013 for Santa Hat Fathom Game against Whitchurch Fathom Team Re : 4pm pushback at Beaconside and Stafford Fathom Players with Santa Hats to meet at 3.15pm at Beaconside :

All players listed below to have photo taken before the game starts in one of the goals, with all the team wearing their Santa Hats and then hopefully they will play in their Santa Hats in this Fathom Game or face a forfeit of being fined a £1, which will be donated to the Text Santa appeal being shown on ITV1 the following Friday.

1) Pog ( GK )
2) Paul Rennie
3) Carl Dudley
4) Taran Bassie
5) Will Trotter
6) Damon Morbray
7) Kyle Rennie
8) Tyler Murray
9) Ed Baker
10) Dan Wheawall
11) Harry Coltman
12) Matthew Till
13) John Sinclair

Umpires :
Brian Brinson & maybe Greg Spencer, but if he can’t do it, Neil Jinks of Stafford 4th.Team has said he will get back as quickly as possible from playing Lichfield Away to Umpire instead of Greg.