Stafford Fathom Team to play Ludlow Fathoms Away on Saturday 7th. December 2013

11:30am meet at Stafford Hockey Club for 1.30pm pushback at Much Wenlock Leisure Centre, William Brookes School TF13 6NB

1. Brad Evans ( GK ) ( Playing in goals for 1st. Team at this venue, before this Fathom Game )
( Will be stopping for Teas after game )
2. Paul Rennie
( Will be stopping for Teas after game )
3. Carl Dudley
( Not sure if he will be stopping for Teas after this game )
4. Taran Bassie
( Will be stopping for Teas after game )
5. Ian Hodkinson ( Going Direct to Venue )
( Will be stopping for Teas after game )
6. Declan Martin
( Will be stopping for Teas after game )
7. Jack Hodkinson ( Going with his Dad Direct to Venue )
( Will be stopping for Teas after game )
8. Will Trotter
( Not Sure if he will be stopping for Teas after game )
9. Dan Wheawall
( Will be stopping for Teas after game )
10. Damon Morbay
( Will be stopping for Teas after game )
11. Kyle Rennie
( Will be stopping for Teas after game )
12. John Sinclair
( Will be stopping for Teas after game )
13. George Hodkinson ( Going with his Dad Direct to Venue )
( Will be stopping for Teas after game )

Stafford Fathom / 5th. Team Report for Saturday 30th. November 2013 Re : Stafford Fathoms / 5th. Team v Aldridge & Walsall Fathoms ‘B’ Team

Date : Saturday 30th. November 2013
Fixture : Stafford Fathoms / 5th. Team v Aldridge & Walsall Fathom ‘B’ Team
Venue : Beaconside, Stafford ST18 0AD
Push-Back : 10.00am
Score : 3-0 ( H/T 1-0 ) ( Won )

Scorers : Dan ( I’ve got alot of tattoos, would you like to see them ) Wheawall, Brad ( Do you know I wear sunglassess when I’m Umpiring for the Fathoms ) & Carl ( Do you know I’ve been playing along time for Stafford and not sure when I last scored for them ) Dudley.

MOM : Declan ( What have I done with my marker pens, so that I can check this match report for selling mistakes & compost-ition, to check that it isn’t aload of *hite ) Martin.
( nominated by Stafford Fathom Team, straight after game finished )

Umpires : 1st. Half : Brad Evans & Charlie Trotter / 2nd. Half : Dan Howe & Colin Bishop

Stafford Fathom Team / 5th. Team :
Pog ( GK ), Paul Rennie, Carl Dudley, Declan Martin, Will Trotter, Tarran
Bassie, Damon Morbray, Alan Snell, Kyle Rennie, Tyler Murray, Matthew Till, John Sinclair, Dan Wheawall ( Can only play 1st. Half because I’ve got a booze party to go to ) / Brad Evans ( Why am I Dan’s understoody for the 2nd. Half, please tell !! ).

Stafford Fathoms / 5ths found themselves back in action, after last weeks fathom game at Stone Hockey Club against Tamworth Fathoms being cancelled at the last minute, due to Stone’s Astro Pitch being frozen.

This week’s opposition of Aldridge & Walsall Fathom ‘B’ Team, were unfortunately only able to come with 8 players for the 10am pushback at Beaconside, so after a few minutes debate before the game started, between Stafford Fathom Captain, John Sinclair and Vice Captain, Paul Rennie it was decided to loan them 2 Stafford Fathom Youngsters of Tyler Murray & Kyle Rennie, leaving Stafford with 11 players to start the match with and the Aldridge & Walsall Fathom ‘B’ Team would then be starting the game with 10 players, but Amanda Trotter, who had come along to watch her young son, Will play for Stafford Fathoms and was also playing straight after the Fathom Game for Stafford Ladies, volunteered to play for them also, as a result it now meant that they were also starting the game with 11 players, so both sides were now equal in numbers.

With Alan Snell making a welcome return to Stafford Fathom’s midfield, after missing the North Staffs Fathoms game two weeks ago, due to other commitments, it meant that the ‘engine room’ / midfield of the team was reinforced with his return and as the opposition had also come with a weakened side ( i.e. only bringing 8 players ), Stafford were able to capatilise on this and took the game to them from the start and with the midfield of Alan Snell, Damon Morbray and Matthew Till providing the forward line of John Sinclair, Dan Wheawall, Will Trotter, with chances to put Stafford in the lead, which were unfortunately squandered, mostly by the senior player of the 3 forwards ( yes Dan you must do better ). Then half way through the first half, Stafford managed to break the deadlock by a 2 man move, which started from Pog in Stafford goals, who cleared the ball to Dan Wheawall, who for some reason was back in defence, he then went on a neat ‘maissey’ run down the left wing taking on a couple of Aldridge & Walsall Players, then he found himself in the D with just the opposition keeper to beat, which he slotted neatly under him, as he came out to meet him / stop him ( Ryan Gigg’s goal for Man United in the FA Cup against Arsenal, a few years back, had nothing on this re-run by Dan ). Despite a number of chances, after Dan’s solo effort, Stafford were unable to extend the lead up to half time. So at the half time whistle Stafford were deservedly 1-0 up.

The second half saw Stafford Ladies, Amanda Trotter swapping places with her other son, Charlie ( who had been umpiring the first half ) for Aldridge & Walsall Fathom ‘B’ Team and Brad Evans, who had also been umpiring the first half with Charlie Trotter, taking over from goal scorer extraordinaire, Dan Wheawall for Stafford Fathoms and the umpiring duties for the second half were then handed over two Stafford 2nd. Team Players, Dan Howe & Colin Bishop. With Stafford 1st. Team Player, Charlie Trotter now playing / helping out the opposition, Stafford Fathom defence of Paul Rennie, Carl Dudley and especially young Taran Bassie had their work cut keeping him and the other opposition forwards at bay and Declan Martin was kept busy man making their young play-maker, then half-way through the second half, Stafford got a short corner which Carl Dudley pushed out to Paul Rennie which he hit sweetly towards Aldridge & Walsall goals, only for their young keeper to block it, but unfortunately for him the re-bound was picked up by Dan Wheawalls understudy, Brad Evans ( normally Stafford’s 1st. Team Keeper ) who slotted it home for Stafford’s 2nd. goal, until this second goal was scored, Stafford were looking a little jittery / wobbley, this goal did settle things down for Stafford, but it didn’t stop Aldridge & Walsall going close on a number of occasions with the defence making a number of clearances out of the D and Pog in goals for Stafford ( who had very little to do in the first half ), making a number of good saves to keep Stafford in the lead. Then against the run of play Stafford got another short corner, which Carl Dudley slotted away ( his first goal in a long time ) from Paul Rennie’s shot on goal again being being stopped by the opposition young keeper. This 3rd. goal seemed to take the wind out of the opposition sails and just before the final whistle blew, Stafford Fathom Captain, John Sinclair had a golden chance to score Stafford 4th. goal and his first goal of the season, but to his annoyance, his well struck shot went just wide of Aldridge & Walsall Fathoms goal, so at the final whistle, Stafford had managed through some good defending especially by Declan Martin and good keeping by Pog, to keep a clean sheet and with Dan Wheawall, Brad Evans & Carl Dudley scoring Stafford’s 3 goals at the other end, it meant Stafford Fathoms had won the game 3-0 and Declan Martin’s hard work in defence was noticed and rewarded by the rest of the team, by them nominating him as Man of the Match.

This Saturday ( 7th December ) Stafford Fathom / 5th. Team are away to Ludlow Fathoms and are pushing back at 1.30pm at Much Wenlock Leisure Centre, William Brookes School TF13 6NB and all Fathom Players who are picked to play in this game, will need to meet at Stafford Hockey Club at 11.30am for the trip to Much Wenlock and Saturday’s Opposition Captain for Aldridge & Walsall Fathom Team, recomended that our Fathom Team should try and stay for teas after this game ( which is at a nearby venue to the pitch ), as it was the best tea so far that they have had this season, while on their away travels ( so our pasta dish obviously didn’t hit the mark with them, even though they eat it all ). Unfortunately missing this game after playing in Saturday’s win will be Alan Snell and Pog the Goalie, but both will be available for the final game for this year, which is at Home against Whitchurch Fathoms ( now a 4pm pushback ). However, making a welcome return for this Saturday’s Ludlow game Away, after missing Saturday’s 3-0 win are Ian & Jack Hodkinson and Brad Evans, the 1st. Team Keeper is going to deputise for the missing Pog in goals this Saturday, as the Stafford 1st. Team are playing at the same venue as the Stafford Fathoms, in the game before them.

In January this year Stafford Fathoms / 5th. Team played Ludlow Fathoms at Home and unfortunately lost the game 5-2, after being 3-0 down at half time, so hopefully Stafford can utilise Saturday’s 3-0 win, to try and see if they can go to Ludlow and get a result better than there last encounter in January this year.

Stafford 2nd team match report – Wolverhampton vs Stafford

Stafford HC 2nd XI vs Wolverhampton

Saturday seconds went into Saturdays tricky fixture with Wolverhampton knowing that if they won, they would have gone the first half of the season completely unbeaten and be sitting top of he league for the Christmas break.

They started the game in a similar way to the past few games, flying out the blocks and dominating possession. However, the first 6 minutes didn’t see any goals, nor did the first 20 minutes. This was all down to the heroics of the Wolverhampton keeper who frustrated the Stafford frontline.

Stafford eventually made the break-threw with some tidy play on the edge of the D between Andy Barnett and Ian Robbinson, finding Dan Howe who played in Richard Bendall who then played the ball across for Jack Ball to calmly finish. Fantasy team enthusiasts out there will noticed that’s 5 goals in the past 3 games!

With 5 minutes to go before the break, Stafford decided to stop wasting there chances (by this point Dave had counted 16 shots on target) and grab another goal. After some great work at the top of the D, James Gillingham played a quick one-two with Jack Ball, before finding Elliot Glennon on the baseline. Elliot then fired the ball across a crowded D, finding Ian Robbinson at the back post.

Stafford then accidentally did Coach Daves secret number 6 short corner. James Gillingham injected a short corner before falling over whilst making a return, he then slipped the ball square across the D to Colin Bishop who fired the ball home. That means as it stand James Falconbridge owes Colin £10, with 2 goals to James’ none.

At half time, it was 3-0, but it could have easily been a lot more with keeper Paul Ruddle yet to have a touch of the ball and a very wasteful Stafford frontline.

The second half was much of the same, but Stafford couldn’t add to there tally as they struggled to beat the Wolverhampton keeper.

However, the second half wasn’t without incident. Mike Wymer continued his tremendous run of form of running into the goal. He made a classic Wymer run, using his pace to beat a number of players and rather than playing the ball to a Stafford player, fell over and got tangled up in the goal.

Richard Bendall also continued his unique run of forming of making the most of bad tackles and falling as if he has been hit by a nearby sniper.

Towards the end of the second half Stafford had another flurry of short corners, but were un-able to grab a goal. The lack of ability to score these short corners made captain Gareth Minton sprint up and warn the short corner team “if you don’t take a bloody shot, I am having the next short!”.

Stafford now have the luxury of being top of the league for Christmas and will look to continue this form into the new year. But since the league table is broken, you can’t see it. Instead, enjoy This weeks player profile.

Name: James Gillingham
Position: Self-Proclaimed Midfield ‘dynamo’
Moment of the Season: Dan Howe doing a Popeye goal celebration vs Redditch
Favourite Short Corner Routine: 5
Favourite Animal: Meercat
Season in 5 Words: “erm, I don’t know…winners”

Also, don’t listen to Mav trying to put a downer on things and tell us off. We’re top of the league…undefeated and it’s a hoot. Rest of the league…come at us yea (because we play better against good teams)

And huge thanks to Stafford 2nd XI for donating this weeks fines money to my Movemebr page. There’s still chance to donate and help change the face if men’s health at But the question is…since this moustache of mine appeared, we went top of the league…dare I shave and risk us slipping down the table?

MOM: Elliot Glennon
DOD: James Gillingham
Scorers: Jack Ball, Ian Robbinson, Colin Bishop