4th Team vs Telford

The fourth team for the match vs Telford away (meet and pushback details confirmed by your captain) is as follows,


Mitchell Cartwright

Jon Williams

Dave Thurgaland

Carl Franklin

Ian May

Alun Johnson

Neil Jinks

John Sudale

Josh Williams

Ravi Singh

Sam Gibson

Will Trotter

Jack Fudger

Fathom Club Game this Saturday ( 1st. February 2014 ) Re : 9.30am meet for 10am pushback at Beaconside

Listed below are the 19 players who so far have confirmed they are available to play this Saturday in the Fathom Club Game ( Re : 9.30am meet for a 10am pushback at Beaconside ).

1. Paul Ruddle ( GK )
2. Pog ( GK )
3. Gary Varga
4. Jamie Ferguson
5. Neil Jinks
6. Sam Gibson
7. Will Trotter
8. Pete Powers
9. Paul Rennie
10. Kyle Rennie
11. Damon Morbey
12. Harry Coltman
13. Matthew Till
14. Taran Bassie
15. Tyler Murray
16. Alan Snell
17. Dan Wheawall
18. Declan Martin
19. John Sinclair

Umpires : Charlie Trotter & hopefully Richard Buka.

Alan Snell, Matthew Till & Peter Powers who are playing in the above Fathom Club Game are all unfortunately not available the week after ( 8th. February ) due to other commitments for the Stafford Fathoms / 5ths Game Away to Old Wulfs Fathoms Re : 3.30pm pushback at Wolverhampton Grammar School ( Compton Road, Wolverhampton WV3 9RB ) and players picked to play in this game will require to meet at 2pm at Stafford Hockey Club for the trip to Wolverhampton Grammar School and teas after this game are being laid on by Old Wulfs at the Royal Oak Pub which is just down the road ( Compton Road ) from the Wolverhampton Grammar School.