Whitchurch Fathoms Game Away on Saturday 29th. March – Now a Club Game at 4pm at Beaconside.‏

Last nite on the phone I cancelled with the Whitchchurch Fathom Captain, Don Nairn the Fathom Game on Saturday 29th. March Re : Stafford Fathom / 5th. Team playing Away against Whitchurch Fathoms ( Re : 2pm pushback at Whitchurch Leisure Centre / Sir John Talbot School, Whitchurch SY13 2BY), as me ( as Stafford Fathom / 5th. Team Captain ) and Paul Rennie ( as Stafford Fathom / 5th. Team Vice Captain ) had decided this weekend for the Stafford Fathom / 5th. Team to participate instead in a Club Game at 4pm at Beaconside, along with any Stafford 2nd & 3rd. Team players who do not have a game on this date ( can Captains & Vice Captains of Stafford 2nds & 3rd Teams spread the word about this Club Game on Saturday 29th. March and to find out which players out of your teams are available to play in this Club Game ) + any 4th. Team players who want to play a second game of hockey, as Stafford 4ths are playing on this date in a league game against Lichfield 7ths at 1pm at Beaconside ( Stafford 1sts however will not be able to participate in this Club Game, as on this date they are Away in a league fixture against Leamington 1st. Team Re : 2pm push back at North Leamington School, Sandy Lane. CV32 6RD ).

Please can you e mail me back asap and before Tuesday 25th. March ( Re : Team Selection for Saturday 29th. March ), with your availability to play in this Club Game at Beaconside Re : 4pm pushback and players playing in this game will need to meet at 3.30pm at Beaconside along with a green & white shirt + your normal match fee.

Thanks and I await your replies via e mail Re : your availability to play on Saturday 29th. March in this Club Game – Yes or No is all that is required from you, along with your name ( or names – if your a family unit ).

John Sinclair
Stafford Fathom / 5th. Team Captain

Currently have 2 Mobile Numbers of 07966398190 & 07508993763

E Mail Address : johnnysink@hotmail.co.uk