Annual Hockey Club Cricket Match and Club Night!

This year’s cricket match will be played on Friday the 13th of June.  The match will start at 6 30 PM on the main cricket square. Meet time will be 6 PM for both teams and will also be chance to go through the rules of the game.

We will also be having a club night afterwards in the club house where I hope players decide to stay for a few drinks and food. Anybody is invited down for the evening and trust me it’s usually a very fun evening.

If you wish to play in this year’s event then  you need to get in touch with myself to secure your place. It will be first come first serve so make yourself available and let me know ASAP.

Please bring both a white hockey shirt and a green hockey shirt along with cricket white trousers if you have some. I will put the team sheets up on the Wednesday/Thursday evening.

Please wear either cricket spikes or trainers NOT FOOTBALL STUDS.

Hope to see you all down the club in the 13th.

Dan Howe