1st Team Match Report v Aldridge and Walsall HC

Stafford HC 1st team had a harsh lesson in how life in the West Midlands Premier league could be this season, after losing 5-0 to Aldridge and Walsall HC last weekend.  Due to the league reshuffle Stafford will be facing the same opponents this year in what will be a challenging league.


Stafford started well enough, taking the game to the opposition but without making any meaningful inroads.  Aldridge soaked up the pressure and began to impose themselves on the Riverway side.  They won a penalty corner and the ball was slipped left and the shot placed to the left of Gareth Minton in goals.


Stafford only conceded one more goal before half time, a breakaway chance which was finished well, credit went to the hard work of Simon Parnell and Colin Bishop in defence for the lack of opposition chances.


After the break Stafford seemed to tire and Aldridge and Walsall used their experience to dominate the midfield, Stafford chasing shadows at time.  Credit to Stafford though who kept pushing forward, a long pass by Giles Rowden found Chris Sunderland in the circle but he connected with fresh air instead of the ball.  Stafford should have been awarded after the goal after Dan Rennie touched the ball inside the circle and it then looped over the keeper but the umpire unfortunately did not see the away teams touch.


The home team took control in the last 15 minutes, scoring three team goals to leave Stafford failing to score a goal in the last two games.


Stafford will hopefully bounce back next weekend when facing Buxton HC at Beaconside, 1.00pm push back.