Match Report Re : Bridgnorth Fathoms v Stafford Fathoms

Date : Saturday 27th. September 2014
Fixture : Bridgnorth Fathoms v Stafford Fathom / Development Team
Venue : On Grass Pitch outside Bridgnorth Hockey Club ( Victoria Road, Bridgnorth WV16 4 LB )
Push-Back : 2.30pm
Score : 2-1 ( H/T 2-0 ) ( Lost )

Scorers : Harry Coltman

MOM : Harry Coltman
( Nominated by Stafford Fathom Team )

Umpires : N/A

Stafford Fathom / Development Team ( 10 players ) :
Logic ( GK ), Paul Rennie ( drove certain team members to Bridgnorth ), Neil Jinks ( drove certain team members to Bridgnorth ), John Sinclair, Glynn Bibby ( went direct to Bridgnorth ), Tyler Murray, Kyle Rennie, Peter Powers, Harry Coltman , Ollie Simmonds & Lee ( Bridgnorth Player ).

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Yesterday saw Stafford Fathoms kick off their hockey season with a friendly fixture Away to Bridgnorth Fathoms with a 2.30pm pushback on Bridgnorth’s excellent grass pitch outside their clubhouse.
The Stafford Fathom Team had to unfortunately lend a player from Bridgnorth as Stafford were only able to field 10 players for this game and they also had to call on the services of Logic, a goalie who used to play regularly for the club a few seasons ago and lives in the Bridgnorth area to go in between the posts for them. Stafford Fathoms were also giving hockey debuts to a young Ollie Simmonds and newcomer : Glynn Bibby and with Lee the loanee player from Bridgnorth making Stafford Fathom Team up to 11 they and the rest of the team, soon found as the whistle went for the start of the game that they were playing against a strong and well organised Bridgnorth side, which contained a number of very experienced players along with some good youngsters and it wasn’t long before they found a way through Stafford’s resolute defence to go one up. Stafford combined well at times after this set-back, but were finding it difficult to break through Bridgnorth’s midfield / defence and it wasn’t long before Bridgnorth were able to grind Stafford down and add to their goal tally and go 2-0 up. However, it wasn’t all one way traffic for Bridgnorth and just before half time Paul Rennie had a terrific shot from a short corner deflected round the post by a Bridgnorth player standing on their goal line. Unfortunately, at half-time Stafford Fathoms found themselves trailing by 2 goals to nil. The second half saw Stafford Fathom’s Vice Captain, Paul Rennie make a few tactical changes to the side and with this and a lot more determination, hard work and endeavor by the whole of the Stafford Fathom Team, they soon found that they were alot more competitive in all areas of the field, especially in midfield where a young Harry Coltman was challenging for everything that was going and as a result of all these factors, they were having alot more possession of the ball, which eventually resulted in the forward line of debutant Glynn Bibby, Tyler Murray and the Captain, John Sinclair setting up young Harry Coltman to score for Stafford Fathoms, his first goal of the season ( hopefully there will be more to follow from him during the rest of the season ). Even though Stafford after getting this goal back, went close on a number of occasions to equalising, Stafford’s defence of Rev. Peter Powers, debutant Ollie Simmonds, Neil Jinks, Paul & Kyle Rennie all had to be switched on and on their guard, in order to deal with Bridgnorth’s counter attacks and on one occasion Bridgnorth did manage to get the better of Stafford’s defence and Logic in Stafford’s goal had to pull out a good save as he pushed a shot on his goal, round the post from them. When the final whistle, blew Stafford Fathom Team found that their tyre less work and endeavor hadn’t quite been enough to find that all important equaliser, as Bridgnorth finished running out the victors, winning the game 2-1.
All players who played in yesterdays Stafford’s Fathom Team should be pleased with their overall performance in this game against Bridgnorth, especially as it was the first Fathom Game of the season and on another positive point Stafford Fathoms did technically win the second half 1-0, through Harry Coltman’s goal, who incidentally was voted Man of the Match by the whole of the Stafford Fathom Team after this game for all his hard work & competiveness in midfield.

Stafford Fathom’s continue their season next Saturday with an Away game to Barlaston Fathoms at Alleynes Sports Centre, Stone ( Re : 2pm pushback ).