Rules on slide-tackles

Dear all,

We have received the following guidance from the umpires’ association. Please bear this in mind when playing and umpiring.

All players have a duty of care on the pitch. This means they should not tackle in a reckless way. If a player goes to ground in a tackle this in itself, is not an offence and should only be penalised in certain situations:

  1. A player goes to ground and plays the ball with the stick – NO OFFENCE
  1. A player deliberately goes to ground and prevents the ball going past with his/her body or leg then this should be a personal penalty and also the appropriate team penalty
  1. If a player slides in to tackle and takes the ball cleanly and only the ball – PLAY ON
  1. If a player slides in and takes the ball but then collides with the opposition player, this should be penalised accordingly as it is reckless and dangerous. The suggestion here is that contact with the opposition in this scenario would result in a 10 minute yellow card.
  1. If the contact with the opposition player is incidental and not in any way intentional or dangerous, you may get away with a lower penalty. However, this needs very careful management, if this is the approach adopted.