Urgent Call for Help

Hi All

I have been asked to post a request for helpers to aid Rob Peatfield in setting up the new Goals at Beaconside, those of you at training would appreciate the current ones are not up to scratch and the only way we’ll have the new goals in place for Saturday is if we put them together ourselves.

Rob will be at Beaconside with all the tools required from 3pm Tomorrow (Friday) As many helpers as possible would be great.

Transfer Window 1 01/11/2014 – 07/11/2014

Here are the new groups for the transfer window that opens at midnight on the 1st November
Transfer Window Player Groups

Transfer FAQ
You can transfer up to your entire 11 man squad per transfer window; transfers can be made only during transfer windows and must be completed before the deadline. If possible I would appreciate an email confirmation of any transfers you are looking to make. For emailed transfers the email received time is taken as when the request was submitted.
• Each transfer will cost £1. .
• Any transfers you make will become active after that window ends.
• All Transfers must comply with original rules – New player group lists will be provided, the week before the window.

You will notice on the new player lists that certain players have moved bands; this may affect how you wish to use the transfer window.
Your original squad had 3 Midfielders from the first band and 1 from the second band; however that last Midfielder has now been placed in the first band as well.
• If you make no transfers your team will remain as is, and will continue to score points you are not required to make amendments to revert back to the max of three players per band,
• If you make transfers but do not transfer out your four midfielders, you can make changes as you please but will not be able to transfer anyone else in from the first Band.
• If you make transfers including transferring out one or more of the four midfielders, you will only be able to transfer in players from the first Band up to the original limit of three players, i.e. if you transfer out 1 of the midfielders you will not be able to transfer in anyone from the first band as the other three will fill those spots, transfer out 2 midfielders and you can transfer in one player from first band and so on.
If you have any queries, please feel free to email me / speak to me and I will help as quickly as possible.
Any suggestions for additional information that might be useful also welcome.

4th Team vs Telford

The fourth team for the match vs Telford away (meet and pushback details confirmed by your captain) is as follows,


Mitchell Cartwright

Jon Williams

Dave Thurgaland

Carl Franklin

Ian May

Alun Johnson

Neil Jinks

John Sudale

Josh Williams

Ravi Singh

Sam Gibson

Will Trotter

Jack Fudger