Training Hockey Balls

Sorry to mention it again, but this time, we have lost 9 training hockey balls tonight. If you have accidentally picked one up, could you please return it next week.

If these losses continue, I will have to stop bring them, as I don’t have this problem with Borough Council Juniors or the Ladies – Juniors or Seniors !




Hockey Equipment

Training Balls

After training on Tuesday night {02/10}, we had lost 7 training hockey balls and therefore, if you have any hockey balls with “SHC-J” on ,could you return them to either Dan Howe, Mike Wymer or myself. Also, if you have any spare hockey balls you don’t use, we could use them for both Junior and Senior training.

Old Sticks

If you have any old hockey sticks, Juniors or Seniors that you or your children are no longer using, could you please pass them on to me, so we can use them for any new players at either Junior or Senior training session.

Thanks – Rob Peatfield


Heart Defibrillator

All Hockey Club Players / Members

The club (via the rugby lads) is getting a “heart defibrillator” and therefore, we need some people to be trained to use it, the training is free.

 The aim is to provide cover at the club and therefore, if you are interested in being trained and have your name on the notice board, please email me with a contact number, so I can advise the relevant people accordingly.

 Names and contact number are required, ASAP, so we can get the training organised.


 Rob Peatfield