Festival Sponsors


Sticks and Hockey Sponsors

gryphon-logo_large-1Gryphon are a family of developers, manufacturers, distributors, world class athletes and coaches giving the lot every day to be best we can be and continue the legacy of Australian international, stick technology pioneer and founder. Website: gryphonhockey.com / gryphonhockey.co.uk

Aratac is brand new brand, set up in 2013, but with over 30 years of experience in hockey manufacturing behind it and are on the cutting edge of design, development and innovation!  Website: www.aratac.com

Non-Hockey Sponsors

Oddballs are an underwear company that aims to raise money and awareness for testicular cancer with 10% of profits support the ‘Oddball Foundation’!   Website: www.oddballs.com

Interested in joining us as an SHC Festival Sponsor? Email andrewbarnett17@gmail.com #SHCBeerFest