Proposed England Hockey changes

Whilst normally we wouldn’t bother you with mail from England Hockey the Committee feel that all members should have the opportunity to be made aware of what is happening regarding the restructuring of hockey in England.

Please read the letter below from Liz Pelling, EH Vice President and look at the links. You may also wish to complete the survey.

To roughly summarise, England Hockey is planning to reorganise hockey in England from 5 regions (South, East, Midlands, West and North) to 8 new, smaller regions and to standardise the league rules, league dates, policies and procedures across the regions and across genders.

EH are currently collecting feedback and there will be a vote at the AGM in March 2020. Our understanding from feedback already gathered from EH Roadshows is that there is an appetite for change and the resolution will be passed.

Whilst the standardisation of rules, league dates, policies and procedures all sound sensible, the devil will of course be in the detail.

There may also be issues with where boundaries are drawn for the new regions however it is not expected that the number of clubs in the Midlands region will change. Clubs will be placed into regions with a consideration to keep travelling to a minimum. Considering the fact that the men’s leagues have very recently undergone a restructuring, it is a fair assumption that the ladies leagues will move towards a similar structure.

If you have any comments or questions please get in touch and we will endeavour to respond as best we can.

AGM Resolution Letter October 2019